Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea and a Giveaway

My "new" kitchen has wonderful light, unlike my "old" kitchen which was just plain dark.

The weather is almost too warm for hot tea now, but the mornings are still cool enough to get away with it. In any event, I think beautiful lighting knows no season, so this May morning you get a steaming cup from me. Hot tea feels good on a throat still battling sinus drainage due to allergies. Iced tea just doesn't sooth the same way!

Now onto the the GIVEAWAY part.
While desperately rummaging for 3 blue glass canning jars I sold on etsy (and could not find until late yesterday morning!), I ran across things I thought had been long ago disposed of (moving will do that). I will never get around to using it all, so the next best thing is to give it away.
SO, leave a comment on this post between now and next Monday and Tuesday I will announce two winners who will get either these batik cards, right, or the rabbit cards below. I haven't decided whether you will get 4 or 6 of each design. I have to make sure I find enough cards and suitably sized envelopes. You will just have to be surprised!

The cards are blank inside, so you can decide whether it will be a birthday, "thinking of you", sympathy, shower, Mother's Day, Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Summer, or a gift enclosure. :)

Both designs were created by me in a workshop while I worked at Hallmark Cards and are a limited run.

These rabbits look good with ribbon or twine tied around their necks.

I have much more to give away, so tell your friends!

For more Tea on Tuesday posts, visit our hostess Kimmie!


daysease said...

Cute Cards!!! I liked the flowers as soon as I saw them, but it is the rabbits that made my brain sprint into creativity!! They would be so great framed! anyhow... hope you are well. First one to comment. hahahah... Blessings.

Lorrie said...

Great cards. I hope your throat soon feels better. Summer scratchy throats and colds are no fun at all.

kimmie said...

I hope you are staying safe in the wild weather plaguing the Midwest! Your cards are super cute .... How fun that must have been to work at Hallmark! When I was a kid I wanted that exact job!!!

Your kitchen is the soul of your house and I am so glad for you that it is light filled :)

Happy tea Tuesday!
Cheers, Kimmie

La Dolce Vita said...

so glad your new kitchen is light filled, mine is a bit dark, but I really love the house, and someday... I will finish those boxes in the garage!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I just read a few of your posts. What a wonderful old house you live in. I hope your part of MO has been spared the awful storms. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Ann said...

hope your throat is better soon!
i like hot tea even on a hot day!!
more house photos please!!!!
allergies..such a apin! I'm allergic to everything but cats!..yep,got 3 dogs,very allergic..but i take zyrtec and nasalcrom..and use my inhaler when allergies make my asthma worse!...they are worth it!!(don't love the allergy dark baggy circles under my eyes,but,what can you do but get more concealer!!!)xo

~*~Patty S said...

enjoy the Light ... it changes everything ...
lovely cards...those wabbits are wonderful!

I feel the very same about drinking hot tea...I had my first cup today since our return from Switzerland ... it got so hazy hot and humid we had to turn on the A/C

Hope your weather clears and the sun keeps shining...I have a cup very similar to yours...think we already chatted about that last year maybe?

Happy T day Lady!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. That sinus drainage can be pretty nasty. Glad you have good ole tea for it. Hot tea is still good, at least very early in the morning.

Gotta admit. Those rabbits are absolutely adorable.

Judy said...

Beautiful tea! and I love, love your bunny cards. So hoppy. :) Happy tea day. oxo

Jill said...

So you have personally designed cards for Hallmark...wow. really WOW!! I looked for you today in the magazine I thought it was somerset studio...was I wrong? No tea here today. :(

Jill said...

Darn it. I just looked online and I was in the right issue I just flipped through it too fast. I was also looking at a Nickelodeon mag with my 4 y/o and then my other little girl came with a sports illustrated opening out a centerfold...Yeah, put that back.

Halle said...

The tea looks like it was yummy...I'm once again a day late in visiting. Such as my life seems to be these days.

Margaret said...

Iced tea is what you need, they sell it by the box, one of the most popular summer drinks here!!

Linda said...

What collectible cards!!!! hee hee!

Joanna said...


How cool are you? "Both designs were created by me in a workshop while I worked at Hallmark Cards."

ps hope your throat feels better soon.

Jeanie said...

How wonderful! I'm glad you are settling in -- and love the cards! Why am I not surprised that was your job once?

Ella said...

Hope you get better soon; I love tea and have been sick, too. I so agree, nothing like a hot cup to soothe the soul ;-D

I love your cards; thanks for the chance~
Happy Memorial Day; Be safe~

Ella said...

Enjoy your lovely new kitchen! Lighting makes such a difference!