Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Butlers Buttle

My favorite room in the house. And my favorite window/ niche in the house too. Lovely lighting (northern), nice breeze and a beautiful view of the neighbor's property (grape vine growing on the property line).
This is where I will be photo styling a lot of my etsy items.
How nice to have a "spill over" cabinet for the things that won't fit in my regular china cabinet. I need a spill over to my spill over because this one is pretty much full!

My drop front desk is right at home here. It stores my cookbooks, boxes of stationary and the step stool (plastic but functional) doubles as a seat for writing quick notes. The blank wall just above the desk is waiting for just the right picture. Or artwork.

"Lots of storage", you say?

Yeah, well, maybe for you, but I already have these cabinets packed!

Maybe I should have decluttered/ photo styled the counter for this picture...
Clutter happens.

Don't know where this tour will go next.

You will just have to come back and see!



Joanna said...

FANTASTIC wallpaper! I love all the rich colours and wood.

There is NEVER enough storage and yes, clutter happens a lot here too (though we haven't just moved so we have no excuse).

Your new place sure is interesting, looking forward to the next instalment.


ps I'm going to be looking for the oriental coaster stuff tomorrow, I seem to have mislaid it....... Don't worry, I know roughly where it must be, just gotta wade through all that clutter!

Linda said...

I love a butler's pantry! Wish I had one. Is that tin tile in the last picture? Need a close up, please.

~*~Patty S said...

Loving the tour...lucky you having all that space PLUS spill over as well!

I feel happy seeing and hearing about your new digs!

Bee said...

AWESOME! Is that corner piece built in in the pantry? Or is that something you sat there? What's in the jars? I love the coffee pots but you know I have a thing for aluminum pots especially that square handled art deco one!! Great cupboards and space. I'm sure you'll come up with a perfect picture or piece above the neat desk.
I also enjoyed "clutter happens". Yes, it does. Suppose that would be a bit tacky embroidered in a sampler above your desk...

carole brungar said...

lol do you ever get lost and forget where you are???

kimmie said...

Oh I just knew it!!!! That is so cool! You teased us all for good reason :) .... That wallpaper and tin tiling and tongue in groove countertop are just over the top! And a window too! Wow!

Ann said...

to die for!!!
i must go pout now!!!

Margaret said...

you can be the Lady of the Manor!! your house is just the best and I love your creative space!! sigh...

Anonymous said...

So, Nathalie...I'm so sorry I didn't let you know the item I purchased arrived...and thank you for the little extras!
I am just LOVING your house and trying so hard not to 'covet'...I pray all the time that God will move me out of my modern home and in to a country home, with all sorts of neat built-ins and nooks in which to put all my collections and make it cozy!!
Thank you for the lovely tour!!

Anna said...

How lovely!!! I am sorry I have been comment absent - but I have been keeping up (stalker style - about once a month) CONGRATS on the new house!! it's yummie!!!! Congrats on the Somerset Nod!! To think I knew her when...... :) back when I had high speed internet.... lol - i am heading home to CA for the summer - so I know I will be blog hopping more frequently with high speed internet at my fingertips...... Love your tuesday tea entries and your wonderful sense of humor. Sorry I have been gone so long from comments.... You are loved!!
xo- anna

Suz said...

Wow, that is just wonderful!!! I would love that much storage. Long ago (and far away!) we lived in a house like that.

Most of all, I love your china jungle. I am laughing my head off!


Halle said...

What a lovely area!! Oh to have that much storage!!