Monday, May 16, 2011

Showing a Little Leg and other things

First Blogger went on the fritz and deleted this post I labored over for an hour.

Then we had wireless internet issues in the house.

(We bought a new router. Voila! Fixed!)
So this is why it's taken me so long to start "show and tell" on the fabulous "new" house we live in.

And today all I am showing is the upstairs bathroom!

I know! A claw footed tub and waiscoting.

I have died and gone to antique architecture heaven.

I love that the floor in the room was not covered over by tile.

Hardwood in the bathroom is so warm.

And old fashioned looking.

The previous owner was an artist and painted clouds on the tub.


On the bathroom door.
So you won't mistaken it for the linen closet

The wallpaper is peeling at the seams from many steamy baths, but I plan to keep it up, because it is too charming to take down. I like children's books. The wallpaper is so 1980s.

I don't recognize any of the stories or rhymes, but find myself reading the walls every time I brush my teeth in hopes of finding something I missed the first time.

Not pictured...

the laundry chute hidden in the bath's closet.

It has definitely cut down the dirty laundry clutter in the kids' rooms!

And the laundry waits patiently for me in the basement.

Just wish there was a way to get the clean laundry back upstairs just as easily!

I must say that I am losing weight climbing stairs!

All of the door knobs in the house are metal and oval, but the downstairs bathroom has the fanciest escucheon plate. It was an outside door leading onto a porch, now a bathroom with an ugly stall shower (which is why you are not seeing photos of it). The room needs some work.

Next time-- the Butler's Pantry.


~*~Patty S said...

ooo how lovely ... I can see the candles flickering ... imagining nice long soaks in that wonderful tub...and the clouds!!! too sweet!

of course the first thing I notice in the wallpaper pics is the pretty swan!!!

I am so happy for you in your new abode...

a new place to laugh
and sing
and enjoy everything!


margaret said...

agh.... how fabulous is your new pad??! am I swooning? or dribbling? or both? I don't know?? ... and the claw feet,oh SQUEAL!! you know I'm rather good at wall painting, any DIY in fact, I mean if you ever need any help, no job is too small...
Long live a healthy computer, we need more pics Mx

Ann said...

ok..I COVET!!!!
clouds on that fab tub!!!
love the wallpaper..golden matt gel to seal over the peeling area? matt paper modpodge?..i'd be in there forever just reading the walls!!
can hardly wait to see more!!..uh oh..if I really covet everything,I'll have to move in!!! got an extra room?

Joanna said...

Come on, come on, show us the rest of the house! You can't show us those treasures and then stop! Love the wallpaper - I recognize, "soldier, soldier, won't you marry me, with your musket, fife and drum?" I could sing many verses for you.......!

I LOVE those laundry chutes - what fun!

Can't wait for the Butler's Pantry.


Linda said...

I do love it. ARe you going to peel off the swan part and send it to Patty? Surely!!! I hope you have a great thick mat to put by the tub..... you know how I worry.

Amy said...


my manperson's sister moved into a house where the previous owner had a been a bit of an eccentric - she hated it but i always thought,
'dood... so lucky'

so, i am happy to hear that you like your very Very neat-o house.

and i straight up need a laundry chute - but i don't have a basement, so my dirty laundry cries to be blasted directly to hell.


p.s. my word ver is 'expoo'. i find it VEry interesting that after i typed in 'exp' it was autocorrected to 'expee'

do you think there is some odd potty meaning with that which coincides with the fact that you showed us your bathroom?

Jill said...

Neat, neat, neat!! Love it Nathalie! We have a laundry shoot that leads to a closet on the main floor where our laundry room is,but I needed more game toy storage so the closet is used for that and I had to tell the older kids to stop throwing their dirty laundry on top of the puzzles. Weird.
You need to convert another closet to a dumb waiter to get the laundry back up or just use the laundry room like a closet which is what the kids do 85% of the time. Then daily they take an outfit back up stairs. :) or maybe I should type :(
Sheesh, I'm rambling. I must miss you posting.

Nancy said...

Wonderful pics :) I love the bathroom!! and the doorhandles, my goodness!

Jeanie said...

That wallpaper IS charming -- a little Golden Gel Medium and it will stick back up forever. And if it doesn't, take it down carefully, because that would be wonderful in art!

Sandy Ang said...

what a fantasy to have the bathroom wallpapered in children's illustration ! just wonderful