Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bringing Down the (School) House

No, this is not tornado damage (surprise!), but an intentional salvage and slow demolition.

The last graduating class from this K-12 school was 1965 I believe and then the doors closed to students.

I'm sure it's hard for those Corder, MO residents to watch their alma mater (did I spell that right?) be slowly taken down board by board and brick by brick. A lot of the old wood is being salvaged and the bricks are being rough cleaned and stacked neatly on pallets to be hauled away to California (I was told).

The huge slate blackboards were the first items to be removed and claimed by a buyer.

I was not lucky enough to get one.

I'm glad the building is coming down slowly because seeing the layers "peeled" away reveals alot about old construction. The solid brick walls were a foot thick, then faced inside with lathe and plaster.
I find it fascinating.

No air-conditioning in this place so the windows had to be big for cool breezes to come through.
Would have cost a fortune to heat in the winter.
It's why any tennant using the school later didn't stay long (a garment factory and most recently a computer refurbishing business).

The school house is coming down, but the gymnasium, built later and so is "newer", will remain standing since the Lion's Club uses it for community breakfasts twice a month. The gym is also available to rent (it has a stage, bleachers and basketball hoops still intact).

The whole time (50?, 60? years) that the school was used, it was segregated.
Now it's African American laborers taking it down.


My mother-in-law thinks its justice.


Pretty Ragged Threads said...

It breaks my heart to see this old school being torn down. My old school in Iowa was torn down several years ago and looked somewhat like this one. I thought it was a beautiful building, so many great memories. I am glad they are using the old materials elsewhere. I agree with your mother-in-law, poetic justice.

Hugs, Jackie

Joanna said...

Really gorgeous brickwork round that doorway. Shame you didn't get one of those blackboards - I bet they were sold for quite a lot of money to someone who will sell them for even more money! There's money in muck, as they say........

What's going to go in the place of this old building, I wonder?


Ann said...

sad that it couldn't be "saved"! so many old buildings that have wonderful architecture,brickwork,etc are going by the wayside! :)

Linda said...

and to think they are selling it to the Californians!!!!

Marlynn said...

These old buildings are amazing and I get mixed emotions when they come down. Nice to see photos of your home in other posts. Sorry I haven't been around but hey, you and I, my BFF are just in this time of our lives keeping up with life. Hugs!! PS have not forgotten you coaster... soon, famous last words. LOL

Margaret said...

Great photos, I also have mixed feelings about old buildings coming down, all that history and if the walls could talk etc, I know it has to happen sometime but still... I stopped taking photos of the site next door when it was levelled, the new construction just doesn't do it for me! Mx

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's too bad that the bricks weren't used locally. Always makes me sad to see these old historical places removed from the landscape. I remember traveling back to where I grew up one summer only to discover that my old elementary school had been leveled. It still pains me to think about it!!!!

Jill said...

You know it is sad to see the old come down but it's also just the way it is. Things and time move on but how wonderful that this one is being salvaged and not just demolished. I think lathe and plaster are awesome. Wouldn't it be neat to have just a portion of it on a wall in your home? I don't imagine it travels well though :) It would be a great backdrop for pictures.

~*~Patty S said...

I always hate to see old building erased from the landscape (sentimental me)
nice to know someone will be using some bits and pieces at least

Happy June!

Petreceri Burlaci said...

But why that? I love the old buildings, they aro so beautiful and with so many memories.