Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tea Tuesday and a Guest Photo Stylist

I fully intended to do a post about iced tea today, but although it is hotter than Hades, Rebecca and I had hot tea for breakfast. Iced tea just does not wash down warm toaster pastries very well. School is out, so there is time for taking time for breakfast, no matter how late we get up in the morning. And why not use good china? (As good as 25-50 cents will buy at the thrift store! heehee)

I let Rebecca pick out her own cup and saucer, with instructions to choose from the crockery in the bottom cupboard of my china cabinet. This cup does have a matching saucer, but Rebecca found this orphaned saucer first and was immediately attracted to the pierced, lacy, edging and thick, gold rim.

I told her, "That's okay. The cup and saucer don't have to match."

She replied,

"I know. I think it's more fun that way."

She also offered me the remains of her toaster pastry when I told her I was taking a picture.

"Here, Mom. It will look prettier with this,"

and placed the gooey morsel on the saucer.

She is very wise for a 6 1/2 year old.

We should all have a guest photo stylist come to tea occasionally.

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Jill said...

My girls would have so much fun having tea with Rebecca! She was right, I think it is prettier with pastry.

Lorrie said...

I think that tea with Rebecca would be a delight. She's learning well from her mama.

Joanna said...

Rebecca is such a sweetie! Great choice of cup and saucer, and surprisingly good decision to add the gooey remains of her toaster pastry.

ps I bought a Somerset Studio when I went to London on Saturday, and it was the one with your 'Run with scissors' piece in. I wanted to show everyone else in Starbucks and 'big up' our friendship!! It was great to see it in print. xx

Linda Jo said...

Love your guest for today! She is quite delightful! I don't care if it IS 105 outside (and it is).... I'm having hot coffee when I get up in the morning. Happy Tea Tuesday to YOU!!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

I would like to borrow your photo sylist for those special days when my own creativity is waning!! she is adorable... happy tea day...

ooglebloops said...

MM, toaster pastries, as much as I try to eat healthy, I have become addicted to those again - now that my kids are grown!! Especially the ones with the icing!!!
I bet your "guest" stylist will be doing this when she is older - she's got the eye!!LOL

Unknown said...

So fun! I love the teamwork photo shoot! My girls would be happy to have tea with Rebecca any day of the week! And they would be quite jealous to know that she is out of school now. We have two and a half more weeks!! Oh well, we're back to clouds, rain and sixty degrees, so they aren't missing anything :)

Happy tea day! Kimmie

Halle said...

That's awesome! I feel very much like Rebecca...I don't like it when my Fiestaware matches on the table. It should be colorful in a wild abandon. I guess I'm still 6.5 at heart.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed this post because of the lovely orphans Rebecca chose. Nice to include her in today's post, too.

I also liked your school house post. It reminds me of several of our schools which had to be retrofitted with all new windows and expensive new duct work after our city decided to air condition all schools, including the ones on the historic registers (National, State, and Ciy). So I am well aware of the costs this would have incurred.

~*~Patty S said...

your little tea buddy is precious a cute chip off the ole block ;)

Happy T
stay cool jewel!
p.s. Luv your china pieces!
ROFLOL word verification:
I did not make that up!

Gayle Price said...

Love your post today with your special guest stylist. That wonderful mis- matched cup and saucer would be lost with out that gorgeous little bit of gooeyness at the side. Stay cool, it was 3.5 degrees here this morning, that pretty cold for Australia and I love it.

Nancy said...

That is so precious, how fun to share tea time :) lovely cup and saucer, yummy treat and cutie pie guest!

Ann said...

I see that your darling daughter is following in your footsteps!! how right she is that they don't have to match!! she picked what she thought was pretty..and it is!!!
Also..the cards I won in your giveaway arrived!! Thank you sooooooo
much!! I am delighted to get them!! Still doing a happy dance!!! I'm going to frame 2 of them..just too cute!!..!!! thank you again!!