Monday, December 12, 2011

Being Martha Stewart

Over the weekend I made curried pumpkin soup.

From pumpkin.

The real thing.

Not canned.

My goal was not to make soup

(that was a spontaneous improvisation),

but to cook up the pumpkins I bought back in October,

after the first frost brought them inside

where they cluttered our front entryway.

My husband was threatening to throw them out.

Because they annoyed him.

They clashed with the Christmas decor.

I was reminded quickly why I procrastinated.

(I have done this cooking pumpkin thing before- many years ago).

It took most of the day to cut up, scrape out, and cook up two medium pumpkins

(twice bigger than the one I have photographed).

Thankfully, Rebecca, now 7 and very helpful,

happily did the chore of scraping and sorting out the seeds.

She also washed them.

And spead them on the pan.

Now I have the satisfaction of not only having 6 quart sized freezer bags of pumpkin to put away for future use (harnessing my child's abundant energy in the process), but also toasted seeds, the afore mentioned soup and...

...several loaves of spicy pumpkin bread all ready for Christmas gift giving to teachers and neighbors.

It's a Good Thing

being Martha every once in a while.


Ann said...

love roasted pumpkin seeds!!!
pumpkin bread looks DELICIOUS!!!
we didn't have pumpkins this year :(
last year they went bad sooooo fast..within a couple days the faces were caved in and bugs were crawling in and out the eyes!! eeyyyeeewww!!!

MaryL said...

Man...all looks fantastic and makes me want to do the same...except I have 'canned'...will you shoot me!!?? :)))

Been trying to decide what to make for Christmas sharing this year... I think now pumpkin bread for sure and brownies! :)

Joanna said...

Oh yes, it feels good being Martha every once in a while (or a Delia, Nigella or Kirstie in the UK).

How wonderful to have a helpful 7 year old prepared to do the less glamorous tasks! I'm sure both soup and bread is yummy.


kimmie said...

I would much rather have a 7 yr old helping than "staff" ...big difference ... A happy difference :)

Linda said...

It's good to have child labor handy!!! My pumpkins are all on the table on the back patio... removed from the house and the front porch to make room for Christmas.... but they still look good!

Margaret said...

totally fab Martha moment you've had, I love real pumpkin soup! yum!

~*~Patty S said...

You GO Martha ... turning pumpkins into fine soup!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I did the scraping, cutting, cooking, and such last year, along with roasting the seeds. You are SO lucky to have a helper. Trust me, I know how tiring it gets after awhile. But luckily, your helper has great enthusiasm.

I was also impressed with the things you find at auction and in your basement (movie film below). Things like that simply don't happen to me. You are truly blessed and gifted. BTW, I need that seam ripper (GRIN).

carole brungar said...

That soup sounds lovely!! Yay for pumpkins :)