Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Puppy for Christmas

Ever since we lost our basset hound, Scooter, to cancer, our oldest daughter has been obsessively searching animal shelter sites for a suitable replacement.

Meet Oscar Blue.

He is a five week old, miniature Australian shepherd, we got free from one of my husband's co-workers who breeds them.

The litter was born while the humans were away so did not get their tails docked.

Hence the affordable price!

Personally, I wanted to name him "Wags" because his tail spins like it's battery operated.


The name we all settled on is a compromise.

It's doesn't come to me naturally.

I keep calling him Scooter and Rebecca still insists that his name should be Dr. Socks!

Everything they say about the breed is true.

Oscar is so smart and fun loving.

We've had him only 5 days, but already his is half house broken.

Today he stood by the back door to show that he wanted to be let out

(he loves being outdoors),

and manages the stairs going down from our deck

(he struggles to be let down- he does not want to be carried).

He plays tug-o-war with socks and his squeaky toy

and undecorates the lower branches of the Christmas tree.

Our St. Bernard, Lucy, just barely tolerates him right now and stays away.

She does not take kindly to a young upstart trying to herd her!

I'm sure they will be better friends when he gets bigger.

Oscar has already wormed his way into the hearts of the kids!

They say not to give puppies as gifts at Christmas.

But this one had been on a wish list.

Not mine particularly, but he's wormed his way into my heart too.



Joanna said...

Oscar Blue is so gorgeous, and I'm sure he'll keep you busy!

So glad to hear he has his tail - I don't like tails being docked.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

He is so handsome and the hole in your heart will soon embrace this youthful spirit. Merry Christmas! Puppy pads anyone??? Peace, Mary Helen

kimmie said...

Oh Oscar is so cute!! I love that he has a natural tail .... Our dog had his docked as a puppy and it just doesn't seem fair!

Linda said...

He's adorable. I think they need their tail. You might wanna google playing tug of war with puppies. He's precious..I want to hold him.

La Dolce Vita said...

how adorable... love the blue eyes and coloring, what a perfect Christmas pressie!! xo

~*~Patty S said...

He is DARLING and looks just like a stuffed toy!
what fun

Ann said...

he is a dar;ling!!
look at those eyes!! can see his heart and soul in them!!
this breed is extremely smart...and very loyal. he will bring much joy to your home!!
congratulations on your new baby!!l
i think Scooter is very happy that your heart is healing!!..i doubt that he ever liked seeing you sad!!

MaryL said...

What a beautiful dog!! Yes, sometimes 'a puppy for Christmas' turns out to be ok :))) I feel for your other dog...I can hear him *sigh from here... (He'll probably need a few extra hugs too cause of the new little 'usurper'! :)

Marlynn said...

Oh my oh my - what an adorable puppy! Those blue eyes would win over the hardest of hearts with the "I just love you so much" look. Congrats. I know how hard your loss was when you lost Scooter. I am so glad you all found little blue eyes! Merry Christmas to my BFF! xoxo

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I just came back to visit Oscar Blue! Happy New 2012! Blessings to you all! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart