Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Good Day Shopping

Well, after hearing many stories about my thrift store treasures found for a pittence, Amy decided she needed to experience my favorite shops for herself. So yesterday, she arrived with her son, Max (9), and Susan, a mutual thriftshopoholic friend of ours. Their ETA was noon-ish, so I made sure to greet them with food. We feasted on spaghetti tossed with olive oil and dressed with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes (both still growing on my garden) and parmeson cheese. YUM! Glasses of Baltimore Bend's "Last Minute" red wine fortified us for the serious bargain hunting we had ahead of us. I had decided to do some "warm up" shopping before their arrival so I went to Mahnken's and found this lovely birth month angel (50 cents). Probably a lid to a trinket box (now broken), I liked that she came solo. It will be fun to find a sugar bowl or something for her to sit on, but in the mean time she is happily perched inside a teacup in my china cabinet. She may even remain a "teacup fairy".

Mahnken's was closed when we set off shopping, so it was off to Higginsville to the Classic Shop. While Amy hunted down every flower pot and Susan glommed onto a vintage waffle iron (thinking ebay resale) I found this wonderful little glass vile (10 cents!) and my Absolutely Fabulous hand bag for a whole quarter(!) I found a pair of gold toned shoes, but alas, they were too small. Something to hunt for in the future. :)


Linda said...

Love your teacup fairy! And...a great purse! I cann't believe you went "warm up shopping"....tooo funny!

Hugs from the pennant girl. grin

red tin heart said...

Neat stuff!! Thanks for your comments on my site. love nita

red tin heart said...

I love the picture beneath this post! xo Nita

red tin heart said...

Just thinking of you today. xoxo Nita