Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ancient Tea

This morning I am enjoying a demitasse of strong spicy chai tea
(kind of like Turkish coffee!)
while gathering items for my esty shop.
I love old moldering books, don't you?
This gorgeous old book of Ancient History had shed its covers,
so I decided to bind it up with twine and call it good.
Before I tied up the book, I briefly flipped through the pages
so I could describe its contents in my listing.
To my delight someone had tucked in their penciled notes,
so I added them to the outside of the bundle.
There were more annotations inside.
I love marks left by previous readers.

But the best was yet to be discovered!
I found a butterfly,
carefully pressed between the yellowed pages,
forgotten by the book's previous owner.
And so I left it to be re-discovered by the next owner.
This lovely bundle of papers and hidden treasures
is for sale in my etsy shop.
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Yvonne said...

I love old books too and finding that butterfly must have taken your breath for a moment. Nice having tea with you today.

ooglebloops said...

Love your teacup!! Also love old books, and am sad to think of Kindles becoming the "new" books.....
love the butterfly!!!

Joanna said...

That beautiful butterfly! It's colours are still so vibrant.

I adore old books. At the weekend I bought an old copy of Marie Stopes 'Married Love' - ground breaking stuff in its day about sex within the marriage. Someone had heavily underscored sentences and paragraphs - they clearly felt very strongly about certain, um....... expectations, shall we say!!

Happy Tuesday to you,


Linda said...

Beautiful! Love that the book holds "findings".

Kimmie said...

wow - that is just so cool! I love finding old notes left by others .... and the butterfly find is just beyond words! the colors are so bright and perfect! Thank you for sharing your tea with us ...... enjoy your day!!!

my cup of tea said...

Very nice! What a sweet surprise for the new owner to find the beautiful butterfly!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How wonderful to find such a treasure perfectly preserved to pass on to other.

I love Turkish Coffee, so I will have to try some Chai tea one of these days. I even have a recipe. Happy snow day tea Tuesday.

Amy said...

What a neat book. A butterfly! I love butterflies! (really, that was dumb because Everyone loves butterflies. i might as well have said, i like getting cash)
I love chai.
Not coffee. Chai.
Happy tea day, sistah.

Gayle said...

Yes I love old books ! Old books and new books both have very distinctive but different smells, but they both remind me of my school days.....lovely memories. The butterfly, what a special find. Happy Tuesday Tea to you.

Halle said...

How cool is that old book!!!! I loved it even before you showed the entombed butterfly.
Chai is so yummy!! How you had a wonderful day!

Dianne said...

What a great old book! I think the butterfly is a Dainty Sulfur. Its color is still amazing... wonder how long it's been there...

Jeanie said...

OH, that butterfly! What a treasure! I love it!

Marlynn said...

OK, my BFF - I bought it! You enabler you, you had me at yellow butterfly! Hugs

~*~Patty said...

nice to catch up with you Ms N...so many nice posts here
Mona makes a beautiful angel with your artistic hand
and your talking ladies are splendid as well!