Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea on Tuesday- Sewing Box Safari

I wrote this post on Monday to post very early on Tuesday morning,
but forgot that there was no "2-29" this year so Blogger took my wrong input and defaulted to "2-28". I have been caught with my slip showing. How embarrassing!
So many eager readers have already left their kind comments so I can't very well remove this post!
So Happy Tea Tuesday on Monday!
Thank you, everyone for your kind words of sympathy and prayers.
The first day without Scooter was the hardest, but it has gotten progressively easier.
Our St. Bernard, Lucy has stepped up her role as house dog and been very attentive to us all.
But also for me, creating, making something, is powerful therapy.
All of you creative types are nodding your heads. Yes?
So I invite you today to join me on a journey into the deepest darkest part of my sewing/ button box.
Go ahead and get yours out- I'll wait a minute.
I have my Earl Grey in a utilitarian mug. No room for fussy china on this trip.
I have no time for mopping up tea spills in the middle of exciting discoveries!
I normally push pass the first layer quickly, but with my recent success at transforming button cards into angels, I am giving these cards a second look. The ones with missing buttons have possibilities...

Is your tin or box (jar), a mess like mine? I don't clean much "out" because everything is interesting in context. Single buttons attached to clipped off card bits, or the buttons hurriedly cut off shirts so the fabric still clings to them. Other buttons are strung together in groups in case a matched set is ever needed. And sometimes I find a piece of soap or wax (to lubricate needles or thread or maybe to mark fabric?) or tags from some forgotten purchase or old safety pins, or etc., etc.
Today everything has possibilties.

And this is how I've come to make a mostly empty button card into a base for a collection of notions. The pearly plastic button was hanging by a thread on this card so I shored it up with snippets of lace and gave it some company in the 3 remaining spaces. I didn't cut anything down. The other buttons and hook and eye were found on their respective card scraps, "as-is". I used artistic license by adding the scrap of sheet music, but otherwise everything else I found in the bottom of my button tin.
I added the bit of blue thread for interest. I clipped a tangled length from a spool and wrapped it around the button until the arrangement looked right to me. Looks pretty natural, doesn't it?

Then I made "le chic" to read "eclectic".
Too peRfecT!

Here's another card I started. There was only one snap left on the card, so I gathered a diverse group of buttons to keep the snap company, following the pattern of holes left by the other snaps. I still haven't figured out a clever title to make out of "Sew-On-Snaps", but something will come to me.
What have you gleaned from your button safari?
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Ann said...

oh,these are just fabulous!! How creative!! I never think of stuff like this! I've kept a button box since I got married. My mother ALWAYS had one..I remember as a child sitting for hours going through was like a jewel box with all the beautiful buttons. If she couldn'r repair an article of clothing(which was rare) came the buttons(snaps and zippers also!!) be reused!
thanks for sharing yours!!
My love and prayers are still with you!!! xoxo

Cass said...

Hi....your button cards are adorable! I love how you turned le chic into eclectic, very cool! The colors are so pretty too.
I agree with what Ann said, I never think of stuff like this either. Very creative you are.

Have a great day.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this!! I really want to go do it...maybe as soon as..well, it's a big list so we'll see! Turning le chic into ecclectic was genius! (I actually have a button suitcase, not box. Yes, it's big. really big.)

my cup of tea said...

A very cute idea! I have some that need a makeover too!
Happy Tea~day!

Joanna said...

Beautiful button cards, you make it all sound so simple! Happy tea Tuesday (it's almost Tuesday here in the UK!).


Yvonne said...

I have many jars full of buttons, ones I inherited from my mother. I love what you have done, very creative. Happy tea day, even if it is early. LOL

carole brungar said...

well I'm reading it on Tuesday!!
Love the button cards! x

ooglebloops said...

Delving into a button box is VERY therapeutic!!!
Drop by for tea and a giveaway if you get time!!!!

Amy said...

Pretty darn cool by the way.
I think I'll get my buttons out.
that really is a darn good idea.

Kimmie said...

What a cool cool idea!! And I just bought a card of buttons last week ..... It's full though ..... I may have to go back and look through all the tattered neighbors it had though! The possibilities are tantalizing!

Happy Tea Day! (anyway will do!)

Hugs, Kimmie

Halle said...

Such an awesome idea! I just picked up a quart baggie full of sewing stuff at the thrift store today. There were MANY button cards. Mind if I use the idea sometime?

Wendy said...

I haven't read your story about Scooter but I can tell it's about a beloved fur baby and having to say goodbye. Believe me, I know the heart wrenching pain of losing a fur baby. And St. Bernards are so wonderful. I'm glad that Miss Lucy is becoming top dog. My grandmother had a huge button collection and this brought back so many fun memories. Now, I'll have to visit your Etsy shop.
Thank you for the cup of tea :)

The Year of the Cats

Nancy said...

Happy T day, love your button cards :)

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my, what a lovely idea to create something new and unique from such treasures in the button box... my Grandmother had a wonderful button tin and my Mother has it now... maybe one day I will be able to get my mitts on it!! :) Thank you for the tea, its been lovely popping in.

Jeanie said...

Oh, Nathalie -- yes, you're right.. We creative types understand. As I begin dealing with Gypsy's senior years, I don't even want to anticipate...

Your button box reminds me of the one at my parents' house -- no doubt discarded in an estate sale long before I cared. Still kick myself on that one. But I've since been collecting now and then! The pretty cards make it all the more fun!