Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tea and Junk

More SNOW (!!!!) in Missouri and what is a girl to do but make lots of tea and play in her studio?
I can have the tea, but with kids home from school and my husband home with the flu, I have precious little time to myself.

Yet, because my sanity is SO important, I stole some time to create a junk journal from a tea box saved for such a time as this.
Actually I BOUGHT the tea for the packaging. Gorgeous colors! The instant iced tea was good, but I would buy it again for the box.
The journal's inside is made up of all kinds of yellowed papers, an envelope, and a few library pocket cards. Antique postage stamps add interest to the already lovely tea box cover.

I have this junk journal for sale in my etsy shop.
If I keep it, I won't feel the need to make more.
Got a package you've been saving for the artwork or design? I'd be happy to create a junk journal for you.
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ooglebloops said...

It's all about preserving sanity, isn't it!!! LOL I should send you all the stuff I have been saving and will ultimately never use!!! You could make some wonder-full things out of it!!!
Love the teacup!!

~*~Patty S said...

hahaa I so get the buying it for the packaging N...looks wonderful!

I am always tempted by boxes with the little "windows" in them...different shapes and sizes and then there are the beautiful insides of the Yogi tea brand boxes.....it never ends

take care...so glad you had a chance to make something...that always helps me catch my balance

Happy T
stay warm!

Yvonne said...

My DH is home with the ful also. We are getting ready for a very cold snap, maybe snow they are saying. I am loving the tea you sent me and the teacup is so delicate. I love it.

La Dolce Vita said...

sorry you have so many obligations, but your tea journal is just fabulous... way to go!

Linda said...

Yes...and you used the Zutter! hee hee! Glad you had a few precious moments to create! Take care of yourself.

Lorrie said...

what a fun journal. Love the combination of the stamps and the vibrantly colored tea box.

Kimmie said...

I buy things for the packaging so often!!! lately I've been looking for cans that are printed directly on the can - no paper label. Your journal is really cool - it looks storebought with the spiral binding you have there! I may just take you up on your offer!!!

1creativeone said...

I usually am drawn to the package, then hope that I like what is inside. If not, oh well I still get to keep the package! Happy day, stay sane, Christen

Joanna said...

Funky junk journal. I LOVE those colours!

Keep warm and germ free,


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You know there is an up side to everyone being at home. They are all safe and snug. That to me would be the important thing. Looks like we are both hunkering down as "my" snow is on the way to you. Hope you don't get too much.

I bought some cans of Arizona tea for the same reason. I loved the packaging/cans. And I save EVERYTHING, including old labels. No wonder the guys who packed my stuff from the restoration company couldn't tell the trash from the treasures! Have a safe and warm tea Tuesday, dear.

femminismo said...

Good to know others spend money not necessarily on the insides of the package! Silly us! Crazy us! Happy us! It's all lovely, by the way.

Margaret said...

I'm quite partial to a nice bit of packaging myself, especially if i get to eat/drink the contents! I know where you're coming from! I love your little book, fab cover! Mx

Marlynn said...

LOL - there you go - tempting me again to go to your shop...... love your junk book! Glad you are safe and snug inside and surviving the cold and snow. Take care my BFF! Hugs, M (PS - word verification: frosam = frozen)

Useful Books said...

So very glad God blessed us with the camellia sinensis plant. The world would be a sadder and lonelier place without it.