Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spine Tingling Books

I did some more book demolition over the weekend.
There is nothing more exciting than tearing the covers off of an old decaying book to see what is hidden underneath.
And I love the paper sandwich created from restacking the resulting mess!
All I need is a bird's nest and a stuffed crow and I've got a Victorian naturalist's vigniette!
It might be hard to find a stuffed bird, but I'm sure I could find a nest.
It's a windy day and all kinds of things are falling out of the maple tree in our backyard.

Carpe Diem!

What crazy things are you creating today?


Sarah said...

One of these days I am going to come across a pile of old books that are affordable and have a beautiful stack like this! I'm so jealous!!!

Marlynn said...

Today, I have made a little book out of cardboard and an old calendar. Having fun, but cardboard is not liking any adhesive so I'm sewing and stapling! Hugs

Linda said...

Lovin the books. I hope you don't have stuffed birds falling out of your maple tree today. But .... who knows!!!!!!!! I may start whitewashing some tables today!

bad penny said...

I found a lot of litchen blown of a tree. I've just stained a tin with ink ( to fill with treasures for a friend ) and I have inky fingers and I made a card.