Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've Been Everywhere, Man, I've Been Everywhere...

I have managed to avoid getting sick all winter, in spite of the germs and bacteria settling in with my husband and kids, but this morning, my dry throat feels serious, so I am drinking some seriously medicinal tea.
Fortunately I like the taste of anise, because this tea's main flavor is black licorice.
Doesn't need any kind of sweetener, because the flavors are naturally sweet.
Aaaaah, I can feel my throat feeling better already!
Now on to my kitchen tour!

My studio may be brown, but my kitchen is colorful and kitschy.
I started collecting cheesy souvenir plates a few years ago.
It started when we were furnishing a travel trailer and I found a spoon rest from Old Faithful (now broken) and a metal tray from Mt. Rushmore (our "s'mores tray").
My first criteria is that I had to have been to the place the plate was a souvenir of.
Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, Dodge City (KS), Monatana, New York (NY), Washington D.C. and Bagnell Dam (MO) are represented in my collection so far.
After that it is unique shape, lacy rim piercings or gaudy gold highlights.
This is something my grandmother might have bought.
She sent postcards to friends, but bought a plate for herself.
Actually, my grandmother prefered The Last Supper decoupaged on a slice of wood, but that's another post- "religious kitsche".
I wouldn't use these plates for serving pieces, because the glazes and finishes may contain lead. They are just for "pretty".
In fact some of these plates come with holes (and strings) in the back so they can be be easily hung up on a wall.
I have had to attach plate hangers to a few plates that weren't already "wall ready".

I started with a modest display over my stove,
but now the plates are spilling over onto other walls.

This group is on a short wall next to the refridgerator.
The Statue of Liberty is the most contemporary and "tasteful" plate in my collection so far.

But my heart belongs to the ruffly, fussy plates.
And these are all china,
and I always find them in mint condition.
They are survivors!
To be honest, I don't think I've actually been to Montana, but I've been to Idaho and the Dakotas, so I figure I've at least experienced the "big sky" that Montana has laid claim to.
I am loving buying my travel memories for 10- 25 cents apiece at the thrift store.
Like orphaned saucers and widowed cups,
these old colorful ladies need a home too!
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~*~Patty S said...

Love your travel plates Nathalie...fun post!
My Mom had a Nebraska plate hanging in her kitchen (my father's birthplace)....we wondered if it had any value...yes of course...to someone!
take care of yourself missy and feel better soon!

Jill said...

Now, I'll think of you whenever I see these, and I do quite often! Fun kitschy!

Wendy said...

Hi Nathalie,
This is my first "Tea on Tuesdays" so it's wonderful to meet you. I love all the kitschy plates and your kitchen looks so warm and cozy. Sending you healing blessings.

The Year of the Cats

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I sure hope the tea is working on your throat. I'm pretty sure this is not your first cup today, either.

My next door neighbor had a ton of those plates. Seems she got them wherever she went. She died a few years ago, and all those plates went for a song. Had I known, I would have bought them and sent them to you. Happy Tea Tuesday.

Linda said...

If I had known...I would have sent you the ones I gave away....but then you haven't been to those states.... what to do, what to do!

Yvonne said...

Hot tea always feels so good when your throat is sore. Hope you feel better.
Love your collection.
It's nice showing them on your kitchen walls instead of hiding them away.

Kimmie said...

I love your collection! And I am sure Montana is very generous about their Big Sky too! Orphaned saucers, widowed cups and colorful old ladies ..... you have lots of room in your home and your heart I would say!

hugs, Kimmie

Nancy said...

Love the kitchen tour :) thank you for sharing your tea time. I'm ignoring my blog today and visiting everyone else :)

Halle said...

Those are fun! I can say I have been to Montana, Idaho and the Dakotas... Don't both with ND...flat boring...not worth the trip. Sorry all you ND fans out there. I went to college in Fargo. Quit in my 1st year. BAH!

Ann said...

LOVE these plates!!! Kitchy is something I adore!!!! Your kitchen looks so inviting..too bad i live too far..I'd be knocking at your door!!

Amy said...

Those plates, they are O-Kay. I am totally sorry that you are getting sick, but don't you lie to me, girlfriend.. you know as well as I do that getting sick has it's benefits. I LOVE when everyone has to cater to me and you totally know you do too.
Even more, I like when I have a stomach bug because I know I can have cupcakes and stuff the next day because I've lost so much weight from being sick... Do Not Attempt To Foil My Pathetic Rationalization.

Happy Tea.

Jeanie said...

When I was a kid, my favorite up-north restaurant was called Schlang's and Minnie Schlang had a plate collection that would knock your socks off. They were from everywhere, kitchsy as they come, yet remarkably wonderful, going up in a pyramid on the wall dividing two rooms, till a single plate was at the pointed apex. I miss that spot. This post reminds me of it.