Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy-Happy Joy-Joy Mail

In the last QB5 swap, I sent out coasters to alter with Asian bits and pieces.

I liked the results so much that I asked a couple of other on-line friends to do a coaster (or two) for me. Jo was one of those generously obliging folks.

I had forgotten I sent her two coasters.

I like this one so much. One of the coins look genuine!

Lovely image of the two girls!

And so much fun stuff going on in the background.

I am inspired,

because, of course,

I have yet to do one of these myself!

The saturated color of this one appeals too!

Jo used the tissue from a paper umbrella I sent her.

(I sent you one, Jo, didn't I?)

Jo and I have a private joke about using "man images".


The back sides are more understated.

I like that about them too!

The front of the envelope showed some stranged green tape...
I flipped it over to find--
Aha! The U.S. government added their own alteration to the envelope too!
I have yet to have one for my envelope collection.
This one is a keeper!

Now what could have drawn their attention?
I am convinced it's the piece of fortune cookie celephane wrapper that caused them concern.

It wasn't properly glued down and must have flapped in the breeze all the way from the U.K.!

The U.S. Customs kindly stuck the celphane down again with their green tape so the package arrived intact here in Missouri.

Wasn't that nice of them?

Thank you Jo for indulging me!

AND for your amazing mail art!


Linda Jo said...

Jo did a great job....beautiful work! Love the U.S. Customs got involved, too! I haven't made a house to add to my collection either! I should send some houses out for others to decorate for me. I'm so behind....

Ann said...

just lovely!!!!
i've never done these...i'm thinking i should!!!!!

Joanna said...

I LOVE that US Customs added their bit to the Mail Art! How cool is that?! The chap at the post office in UK stuck the Air Mail sticker upside down, which he remarked on - I congratulated him on joining in on some collaborative Mail Art - you can imagine the expression I got in return. Post Office staff round here don't seem to get issued with a sense of humour - wish you were behind the counter!

Glad you like the coasters, I really enjoyed doing them. Yes, that was the paper umbrella you sent me (and the cheeky fortune cookie wrapper was from you too!).

I couldn't resist the Mail Art, that gold didn't like glue and I got into a terrible mess, but it was great fun. I decided to veer away from my usual less is more school of thought, can you tell?!

Thank you for including me in your Coaster Art, Nathalie. I'm up for more challenges if you have any (and I'll be quicker this time, promise......).


Margaret said...

Oh so cool Nathalie, fab addition to your coaster collection! love the colours and spirit flowing from the whole package, superb work from Jo! and the Customs! bless them,I wonder if they have different coloured tapes to choose from! very complimentary! mx

~*~Patty S said...

Wonderful coasters for your collection Nathalie! Those "curious" Customs people just had to see what was inside such a gorgeous and colorful envelope I guess!

Happy last day of June
OH MY!!!

Niftic Vintage said...

Beautiful work, and your so full of inspiration. Makes me want to spend some time creating!