Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

The sticker said, "All for $1.50".

I was not thrilled with the cheapy candle holder I had no use for,

but I was willing to take the good with the bad.

Here is the good.

The octagon pieces are all chipped up and at least one of the drops has it's end cracked off, but I am still thinking "icicles" on my Christmas tree this year!

Anyone want a candle holder?
Or have a suggested re-use?

This saucer was dirty when I first spotted it, but I could see through the grime that it was old and pretty.

Looks more like a round picture frame than a saucer so I am thinking of adding a photo in the center and hanging it on a wall.

Cost me maybe 25 cents.

I can't resist matching bowls. These are larger than the dessert bowls I have already. They are shallow enough to serve cake, but deep enough to hold berries with sauce (think "strawberry short cake"!) I invested a whole $1.20 (12 @ 10 cents!) They aren't china, but humble ceramic.

Oh well. I'll live.

White goes with everything.


I couldn't not buy them!
Some days I go to the thrift store and find nothing.

Other days I find a ridiculous number of things to buy.

This was one of the "other" days.
More show and tell to come!


Joanna said...

Love love love those glass drops - they will look so pretty on your tree along with your other wonderful decorations.


Jill said...

Great goods! Maybe you could glue something like a dowel or spool that you've creatively adorned in the candle holder and it could become a little jewelry dish for rings, earrings, and necklaces. Only if it's glass. If it's plastic, well then donate it back. We need bowls around here. I think I have some in my tubs of sad little dishes waiting for projects, but haven't gotten around to digging them out.

ooglebloops said...

I used prisms on my tree last year! I buy them whenever I can.

Glue and old piece of orphan jewelry or vintage brooch (or a pic your daughter made)on the center of the candle holder and attach a hook on the back for a wall decoration or another tree ornament.
Love the white dishes - mix and matching all kinds of whites is fun.

Linda Jo said...

Love the white dishes, too!

Caterina Giglio said...

oh know how I love show and tell!!

daysease said...

OOOH... such lovely treasures!! I actually see a flower in that candle holder. You into painting glass or decoupage??? I bet you could add some color or details to make it a lovely wall hanging, or a candle holder "handmade" gift. Just a thought. Maybe, if you don't like the flower idea, paint it gold and get someone to make a whole in a "petal" and you can hang that on your tree too. :-) I agree with you about that saucer... Oh, would be a sweet frame. Love those white bowls- simple yet very attractive. GREAT "icicles" idea!! OOO! Or hang them on simple curtains to add rainbows when the sun is going down. ;-) Anyway... Love to come here and just be brain-creative. Need more friends like you, who just make me pour out fun creative stuff. hahah... :-) hugs.

Ann said...

what a find!!
lucky you!!

~*~Patty S said...

Love your super shopping do have an eye!!!

Margaret said...

oh squeal, love the glass drops, they're fab!! as for the bowl, what about spraying it?? the boss had me spraying anything and everything she didn't like antique gold last year, totally gave a new lease of life. Add a bit of greenery and pile in those old xmas balls you have, done!! Mx

Jeanie said...

Aren't thrift finds the best?! Lovely!