Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Afternoon Tea at the Corder P.O.

No teacup photo today.
I am working at the Post Office this week and am using my personal collection of "stock photos".
I am drinking tea though.
Earl Grey.
In a thermal cup.
Which means it is scalding hot for the first 10 minutes, then tepid (blaaach!) and finally cold.
If I were Postmaster, I would have a hot plate and water kettle in the back room, but I am just the "PMR" (Post Master Replacement) which is also an achronym for "temporary help".
The current Post "Mistress" does not even drink coffee so that appliance sits in the back room covered in dust.
I won't touch it, no matter how desperate I am for coffee in the morning.
But I go home for lunch (one block away) and come back equipped with my afternoon survival beverage.

It is a cold, rainy day today (not snowy as in my stock photo).
I love rainy days at the P.O.
The swish of traffic on the wet street outside, the ticking clock and the occasional patron who comes in for postage and a bit of gossip.
I live in a small town.
The pace is slow.
And I know more about some patrons than I care to know.
They mistaken me for a bartender and tell me their problems.
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ooglebloops said...

I bet I would love your PO too, like I love mine!!! I have a mailbox at the end of my driveway, but just all all my mail put in the PO box - gives me an excuse to go out!!!LOL Our PM is like Andy of Mayberry - dispensing all the wisdom and gossip(local news) at the same time. If our little PO gets closed down, I don't know what we or the rest of the little town will do. Drop by for tea and thank you for my pay it forward - LOVE it!!!

Amy said...

please come and tell me all of their personal problems.
I love it when people tell me their personal private business because I am a nosy bitch.

Joanna said...

I bet you smile more than the miserable buggers in our local post office! At least I hope you do

I drink Earl Grey too ~ but it has to be really hot, can't bear tepid tea bleeeuuuggghhh!


Jill said...

Happy Tea on a Tuesday Nathalie! I grew up in a town of 150 and now live in a town of 4500. Our post office however is a hub of activity. Seriously, if you don't have to wait in line you're happy. I really like your photo from the inside. I take "through my window" photos. I think it would be a fun blog party. Makes me see your world through your eyes. (at least your post office world!)

Yvonne said...

I live in a very small town too, less than 500 people. I know exactly what you are talking about. LOL

voodoo vixen said...

I didn't think there were any sleepy little post offices around anymore... but maybe that is only in the UK where they closed them all and put characterless desks in petrol stations as a replacement. :( Hope you enjoyed your tea and I would take my kettle along with me - even if I was temporary!! LOL

Nancy said...

I agree, tea should be hot :) love your pictures of the PO, miss those.

Kimmie said...

That's how you got your package so quick! You have friends in high places at the post office. Connections. I see how it works now :)

I live in a small town like that too. You have to be ready with a smile, a hello, and then be prepared to listen a while. It looks very sweet and quaint though .... With a very cute little post office!

Happy Tuesday! cheers! Kimmie

~*~Patty S said...

Your PO T post put a big smile on my face...
you really set the scene and the pace...
lovely Nathalie

Linda said...

You know you can heat water in that coffee pot...just don't put coffee in the filter part. I'd be doing that! DUST IT! hahaha I'd be hanging out gossiping with you all day!

my cup of tea said...

I love Earl Grey tea too! I agree it must be HOT! Hope your day ended well! Happy Tea-day!

Halle said...

Oh I'd love to work at the post office. I used to zip-sort mail at Nordic Track..remember those infomercials about getting a free videotape and brochure....I sorted the videos 17 yrs ago.
If you got one... you're welcome :)

bad penny said...

We only make one pot of tea in the afternoon session at the charity shop...I could do with one an hour !
Happy TT

La Dolce Vita said...

yup I see the cold is lingering for you too... warmer today though... moving to MI, even colder than CO!! xx's

Judy said...

I'm late getting here but enjoyed your tea post nonetheless. Earl Grey definitely has an uplifting property...I enjoy it, too.

Stay warm...spring is truly on its way.