Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Alter a Postcard

Find a boring postcard with potential.
This man looks very interested in something.
Amazed even.
His neck must hurt from gazing upwards for so long.

He is lost in the majesty of the fantastic rock formation created by millions of years of lime rich water dripping from the ceiling of the cave.

Surely not!

No, let's give him something truly amazing to admire!

You may have a large clip art collection to glean from.
I have a lot of rubber stamps. And old, yellowed, newspaper.

Let's make some art!

Sand the surface of your card to not only remove the original image, but also to give something for your glue to stick to.

A rock formation that took millions of years to achieve its glory, sanded away in minutes.

Let's not dwell on it.

It's only art.

The sanding also gives the card an artsy look.

People will be impressed.

Like it took forever to achieve that "look".
Careful not to sand off your spectator.

We need him!

(Ow! His neck must really hurt!
I am starting to feel sympathy pains.)

Glue down your fabulous art piece for the tourist-turned-art-patron to admire.

Add words. I type mine on yellowed paper (of course!) using an old typewriter (doesn't everyone have one?)

Okay, so our man is not really an art patron.

No, he is just a common Joe who just exited off I-70 at the sign that read, "World Famous Art on a Stick". Just down the road from Stuckey's, which we all know if where you will find pecan rolls.

He is nonetheless, impressed.

His wife, Martha (not pictured), nods in agreement.

They want one for their den, but are told that none are available for sale.

They are told that the artist is suffering and has lost all inpiration to create.
And the t-shirts have sold out.
They are back ordered.
(but I digress again...)

So instead our man Joe and his wife (Martha, who is not pictured) buy a postcard in consolation and add it to their shoebox of travel memories. The Last Supper Made of Lint. The Eiffel Tower assembled from toothpicks. The Leaning Tower of Pisa created (3/4 scale) from various shapes of pasta. They also stop to buy a pecan roll on the way back to the freeway...

Don't forget to alter the back side too.

And sign it.



Jill said...

I love how your mind works! Loved the story! In the photo of your card at the just sanded stage, it looks like possible he's watching in wonder as an alien ship is about to beam him up! (star trek fan here)

Ha--my word verification is "clown"...

Linda said...

So everyone gets to hear from the real YOU. Intriguing for sure....
(shaking my head) But I do like the postcard. Off to look for cards to alter...

Lorrie said...

Hilarious. A great way to begin the day. Art and pecan rolls sound like a good combination to me.

Joanna said...

Great altering of a run-of-the-mill tedious postcard. You really have turned it into something special.


La Dolce Vita said...

LOL adorable post Nathalie!! xx's

carole brungar said...

Great post!! Bring on more! x

Sarah said...

I got a good chuckle out of this as well as a forgotten technique. Thanks for both, Nathalie!

~*~Patty S said...

second try to leave a comment
my first one was so good too ;)

fun fun post
thanks for taking us along in your creative process dear N


how delighted I am to have been the recipient of this wonderful original piece of "art on a stick"!!!! love, love, love it :>

Kimmie said...

That really puts a smile on my face .... I love your narrative. Artist as standup ( or sit down) comedian :)

Cass said...

Hi...that's awesome! How you combined all the stamps together. Very nice!

Marlynn said...

Oh so LOL with my BFF, yes LOL, you are a wonderful story teller. I might be able to do the art on the postcard, however, you then add your wonderful talent of how you come up with your catchy "titles" - so impressed,

Jeanie said...

Honestly, this is wonderful in every way! The tutorial is terrific but so, too, is your witty commentary! Talk about "bonding with a subject!" I love it!

Yvonne said...

Love that altered postcard. LOL

Margaret said...

Oh aren't you just the Tutorial Queen Bee, I love this and your thought process!I'm off to look for cards to alter, I feel totally inspired!

khess136 said...

FANTASTIC!! I'm sure I have some boring old postcards around that never did get sent! I look forward to doing this project - thanks, Nathalie!
A new follower,

Rhonda said...

So much better than the original! Love it - cheers!