Friday, March 11, 2011

Found in a Book

Yes, I am still tearing apart books.
For most of them, it's an improvement.
For some, their covers were coming off anyway.
I just helped the process along.

Case in point.
A 140 year old copy of "Elements of Analytical Geometry".
The covers fell off in my hands without much tugging,
but the spine is permanent.
I would have to chisel it off and it's not worth the damage.
The pages inside have the most beautiful coloring so
I may part the book out.
Or not.

Look what I found inside.
Century old vegetation.
I can't part with it now!
It would be like sellng King Tut's tomb.

Another book has priceless verse.
"The Mastery of Words (Book One)"
is full of little gems.
They need to be cross stitched on samplers or
recreated as an altered book page.
Another pearl for you, from the same book-

The is the way the morning dawns:
Rosy tints on flowers and trees,
Winds that wake the birds and bees,
Dewdrops on the fields and lawns.

Isn't that too precious?
From a spelling book written for kids in grades 1-5.
It's a keeper!
You won't find this book in my etsy shop,
but you might find other things you can't live without.


Linda Jo said...

I love these old books!

Jill said...

I have found some pressed flowers in old books and it is really just an incredible feeling when you touch the plants and realize how long ago someone put them there and because...they wanted to keep them. Now, they are gone and you wonder if they ever even remembered to go back and look at what they put in to preserve.

~*~Patty S said...

as if the books were not gift enough...the pressed ivy and clover conjure up all sorts of scenarios...precious post Nathalie

daysease said...

OH! You nearly gave me a mini heart attack!! when I read a "140 years old" and that you found foliage, i became enamored... but when I saw the title of "The Mastery of Words (Book One)", my heart literally ached at the possiblity of losing such a treasure to art. I would easily trade you for that... So glad you decided not to add it to the art pile. I LOVE old books... LOVE THEM... I love old art in books!!! Oh, but to find something someone lovingly placed within... a pressed flower, a bit of writing, such... well, that just adds to the value, and you become part of a memory. Lovely... Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

What treasures!!! I love love love the wise saying! Very cool!

Joanna said...

How romantic - sweet treasures from so long ago. I wonder who put them there? What were they going to do with them? Did they forget about them or choose to keep them there, safe?

You could write a story about this one find. Beautiful.


ps Your coasters and bits 'n' pieces arrived safely. Thank you so much for the tag too - love it!

ooglebloops said...

I love page 76's words of wisdom!!!! And, "Century old vegetation"!!! Cool!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Love the way you see stories in the common Natalie. These are treasures indeedie. Can't wait to see what you find next! Blessings dear ~ <3

femminismo said...

Lovely find, the vegetation. Yes, it was someone like "us" (the keepers of all things some others consider "trash"), and isn't that wonderful???!

Marlynn said...

I love you! I still so admire the beautiful yellow butterfly in the book I bought from you my BFF! I understand ... I truly do! LOL