Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teacup Rubber Stamp Winner is....

I almost didn't post today because for two days I have been cleaning like a woman possessed.
Yes, hard to believe, but it makes perfect sense.
I have to be possessed in order to clean!
(and of course I am drinking tea as I compose this post!)
Sunday I opened up the house to let in the beautiful spring breeze and in the process exposed my poor winter housekeeping.
Dust bunnies were blown from their formerly secure hiding places,
the fresh air coming in exposed the less than pleasant smells inside
the balmy breeze made me want to shed some layers.
Or in this case "piles".
Piles of winter coats, bags of hand me down clothes intended for a neighbor's child, stacks of VHS tapes, mountains of miscellaneous books, magazines, catalogs, kids' school work (saved), etc., etc.
All were dispatched to where they were intended or into the trash.
And that was just the dining room!
I still have more cleaning to do!
Today is trash day so it seems fitting that my rubber stamp drawing was done in an empty waste basket.
Congrats Amy!
Go tell her how envious you are that she won.
Because you know she would enjoy it.
And I haven't forgotten my promise to report on my curried chicken salad lunch with friends.
Stay tuned.
And you may have to tolerate my ramblings about spring cleaning a little longer. I am only just scratching the surface of my studio. I started today when I tumbled over the stacks of stuff on my floor to get to my computer chair. It's inexcusable.
Maybe I need to start my own blog feature... Take Out the Trash Thursday (Why Wait 'Til Saturday to Clean?!)
Have you been possessed lately?
Oh, by the way, if you want to visit other Tea on Tuesday bloggers, go see our hostess Kimmie.


Linda Jo said...

I'm seeing the same stuff you are. Now that the sun is streaming through the house it's exposing lots of things that need to be removed!!! Congrats to Amy!

Unknown said...

Yes, Linda, the SUNLIGHT! Accchhhhh! I felt like an exposed vampire when the light streamed in over the weekend. It exposed the messes and piles so I could have just DIED.

Unknown said...

I clean when the sun comes out .... Or when I put my glasses on :) .... Poor vision is a blessing sometimes! It is ever so nice to be able to open the windows on occasion. I have to remember to turn down the heater when I do that though!

Cheers! And happy Tuesday! Kimmie

Lorrie said...

Congrats to Amy.

No need to worrying about house cleaning here - the sun is firmly hidden behind the clouds and rain is forecast all week. I think that means I don't have to clean.

ooglebloops said...

Congrats to the winner - who was not me....!!LOL Cleaning - did some this morning - but totally agree with Kimmie- not wearing your glasses is the best way to clean- as long as you don't have company coming. What you can't see, can't hurt you!!! Drop by for tea!!!

Halle said...

I'm working on cleaning up my art zone as well. I took before photos. They are shameful. When I get it clean I'll post both before and after.

Wendy said...

Congrats. to Amy! I think the combination of "spring cleaning" mixed with stamping makes for a perfect cup of tea. And I love curried chicken salad, so I hope you'll share the recipe and how the lunch went.

Yvonne said...

AAhhh, spring cleaning, a necessary evil. I just do it a bit at a time. It'll still be there when I get through in the garden. :) Happy tea day.

*jean* said...

oo lucky amy! i think that stamp in white stayzon then painted with watercolors would be gorgeous!! happy t day, nathalie

Anonymous said...

O we are all gonna hit that spring cleaning mode sooner or later so I say get while the getting is good!
Congrats to Amy, great stamp!
Happy T on T

Caryl said...

I just dropped by from Kimmies little tea party... I have enjoyed reading your blog... I'll be back.

~*~Patty S said...

possessed YES
but not in the cleaning department...too bad it's not contagious!

Congrats to lucky Amy!!

I wanted to tuck some Asian extras in with what I mailed today...but...blush blush couldn't locate my main Asian stash...oh my!

p.s. don't work too hard!

voodoo vixen said...

Lucky Amy getting that fabulous teacup stamp. I always do the housework without my glasses on... it just makes the process easier and faster!! I wonder if it is called Spring cleaning because of the arrival of spring and the urge to nest and tidy or whether it is really because we are shamed into it by the sunshine streaming in the windows? I don't have that problem... no sunshine!! LOL

Nancy said...

Oh Yes! I am envious :) that's one great stamp!
Happy T day and good luck with the cleaning

Anonymous said...


I won it.
and i won it big.

Also, I
*hate* cleaning.

I HAte it.

I also have VHS tapes.

I have 'Dude, Where's My Car' and other memorable titles.


Marianne said...

Congratulations Amy ! Oh if you could hear me laughing right now.
tripping over stacks of stuff to get to the computer...that's my office...I hate to admit it...I am so neat everywhere else in my house but my office is crammed full of stuff...so what did I do today? I went out and bought more stuff....

Joanna said...

....and doesn't the bright Spring sunshine show the windows up too? They're my bug-bear and drive me mad until they can be cleaned........which must be NOW!