Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea, Curry and a Teacup Giveaway

I have "city" friends coming over for lunch tomorrow so as I sip my usual black tea with a little milk, I am also snacking on raisins and hunting for a curried chicken salad recipe. I found one quickly at Kraft Foods. The inspiration was a forgotten spice jar of curry that I found in my cabinet. I can't tell you how old it is (which means "too old") but it still tasted fine. Some raw veggies and home baked bread on the side and we will be set for hours of visiting and noshing.

Now for the Giveaway portion of this tea post...
This is the "teacup" I am sending away to one lucky person who leaves a comment between now and next Monday night.
I have been slowly listing my humungous rubber stamp collection for sale in my etsy shop, but this one I would like to gift to a tea drinker, or someone who just likes teacups (they hold gin just as well!)
Most of my stamps are used, but this one happens to be brand new (I had another teacup stamp that was my favorite to use).
I will announce the winner next Tuesday.
For more Tea on Tuesday posts, see Kimmie's blog.


Yvonne said...

Happy tea day and what a lovely stamp to giveaway. Would love to have a chance. Love the top photo!

La Dolce Vita said...

oh I need to let my stamps go too! good thinking, maybe I will list them on line too! happy tea day and I bet your curry is just fine!! xo

Anonymous said...

Black tea is always a little too much for me but maybe I should try it with a dash of milk. That may be the trick! The stamp is really cute and I bet the winner will use the heck out of it. As for gin in a tea cup, "snort" that made me laugh out loud [I prefer rum].
Happy T on T

~*~Patty S said...

enjoy your guests!

I most often drink tea with milk too :)

that is a lovely stamp and I do not have any like it...thank you for a chance to win such a sweet giveaway

Happy T Tuesday to ya!

Joanna said...

As you know, I'm an Earl Grey girl, piping hot with a dribble of milk. I obviously don't have enough rubber stamps (despite what my husband says) and I really don't have a teacup and saucer one so, yes please, I'd love a chance to win it.

Thank you, Nathalie!


*jean* said...

o i shall pop by your shop as i am always on the peek for a good stamp or two...thanks for the chance to win the tea cup! so perfect for t on tues!

Wendy said...

What a lovely giveaway. I used to love to decorate stamps on everything, but haven't in quite a while. And love the kitty sitting with your tea set, looking like it wants to lap up a bowl of cream. Thank you for the tea this morning.

Kimmie said...

I'd love to hear the report later on of how the curry comes out .... Recipe too? I love love curry! I have some that has been in my pantry for a long time too, but it's a great big jar of it. It's probably a lifetime supply. It stills tastes just as good as it did a few years ago ;)

I have a teacup stamp just like that one! So don't put my name in the hat. I'll have to unearth it somewhere, but I'm certain it's the same one!

Happy tuesday! Kimmie

P.s. I will be mailing your package a little later on today ( or tomorrow morning) .... So be sure to notify your "connections" at the P.O. To keep an eye out for it :)

ooglebloops said...

I could make good use of that stamp - who couldn't?? Great giveaway - enjoy your the visit with your friends - now I am off to your shop to see what other stamps you might be parting with!!!!

Amy said...

I was GoinG to natter on to you about curry powders and the variations but, now
I've Gotten ALL Sidetracked and
Because I
Also, I need to discuss this curry thing with you. I think at another time when I'm not begging you for stuff.

Judy said...

Mmmm I love curry...and tea and teacups.

I think you should share some of that chicken salad, too...just thinking about it has made my stomach growl.

Happy Tday...


Jill said...

Curried chicken salad sounds delish! I was at a funeral today and at the lunch they the the smallest little tiny chicken salad sandwiches...smaller than a baby cream puff. It was just a tease...so good! (there was other food too...and it was not a sad funeral...sad for family but happy that a long good life was celebrated...so I feel like I can talk about the food!)

Nancy said...

Gin, huh :) that, I have not tried in a tea cup!
Love your cat :) and of course, the stamp.

Marlynn said...

Hi my deareest BFFFFF. I would love another stamp and a tea cup at that. Memememememememememe - oh yeah, did i tell you my nickname growing up was: MeMe, aka Mimi. Hugs, BFF, M

margaret said...

Very well behaved looking cat you have there! I got totally distracted by your ETSY listings I'm waiting for my fav stamp of yours to appear hee hee. Love the tcup, am off in search of food, my tummy is rumbling...

Lorrie said...

The lunch sounds lovely - especially the hours of conversation.

Love the teacup stamp - tea is my drink of choice on a cool rainy day that's holding a hint of spring.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope by now your "city" friends have been there and enjoyed your wonderful curried chicken salad. Any day at your place would be fun, including looking at that 140 year old Geometry book. I have some old ones, but none that old.

I also hope the snow has been replaced with lots of sun today. Although I stayed in bed most of the day, I heard it was over 70 degrees F in Wichita, so I'm sure it was nearly that where you were. And the perfect day for your city friends lunch. I hope you used your widows and orphans, too.

Thanks for tempting us with the stamp. Although I'm not much of a rubber stamper, I would LOVE this one for Tea Tuesday.

Jamie said...

I have given many of my stamps away but just about the time I think I'm done with stamping I find a new project I want to stamp! This would be perfect to use on some quilties I'm making! Jamie V in MT

Suz said...

Love Tea on Tuesday and the Queen Bees. I would also love the teacup stamp!!!


Jeanie said...

Know I missed the drawing, but I'm catching up. Love that tea pic at the top!