Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Artist's Comforting Clutter

I told you I would share some of my auction acquisitions. Above is a quintet of antique beauties. The photo is a reproduction and someone paid a lot of money for the very contemporary frame to house their relations. Ipso facto, I got the piece for a mere $2.00. If it had been an original photo in a more period frame, it would have gone for more than I was willing to pay! I hate to tear up the frame (all sealed with backing paper and rubber wall bumpers on the back), but I want access to The Girls!
They will turn up in some future altered project.
This vitrified porcelain milk mug was a thrift store purchase,
but I plan to put it in my etsy shop soon.
I have it on display in the mean time so I won't forget about it!
Out of sight, out of mind!

A beautiful botanical etching with a tear in it (very brittle paper), given to me by my antiques store friend, Liz Keaton. I couldn't find my old push pins (plastic headed ones just wouldn't do!) so the print is displayed on a clipboard.
Works for me!

Another auction buy. A wood burned glove box from the early 1900s.

A hinge needs repairing, but otherwise it is in incredible condition for its age.
Inscribed on the bottom,
"To Pa, From Clara"

I got it in a lot with 2 other boxes.
No idea what I will do with them,
but the boxes were going cheap,
so I bid.
And won.

A box given to me
by the owner of the little junk shop in town.
He knows I like old cardboard boxes,
so he dumped out the bolts it held and handed the box to me.
"No charge", he said.
I was amazed.
The man rarely gives anything away
for free.

Don't you LOVE the way the corners are assembled?

A box of dominoes bough at auction for CHEAP.
If I told you how little I paid for these,
I would have to kill myself.

A drawer, likely the glove or hanky box, from an antique dresser.
The original knob was blue glass and didn't look right.
Liz let me rifle through her box of junk hardware and we both agreed
that this broken drawer pull was somehow perfect!
I still need to fill the naked key hole with something.

The blue glass knob?
You may buy it now in my etsy shop.

I used to collect owls when I was a kid in the '70s and am amazed to find that the nocturnal critters are making a huge come back. I am not a '70s collector, but know there are those who are. And since I am old enough to recognize the genuine article, I collect certain items for resale (fabric mostly because it sold well on ebay). I picked up this owl planter, just today, at the local junk shop, but you can find it now in my etsy shop.


Candace said...

Hi there and thanks much for your kind comments...
The girls, those girls, that lovely bunch of girls! Perfect.

As for owls. How can we not love 'em? Here in Athens, there are several (real and otherwise, all over the place) as Athena's bird is the owl.
And those boxes are just plain FUN. You're right, the corners on the cardboard box are unique and very eyecatching!
Have fun with Art, Nathalie. I'll be back again.
Take care.

Marlynn said...

Really, really love our finds. And how lucky to get that wonderful box that housed such treasures as bolts. Wonderful! hugs,

La Dolce Vita said...

what fabulous treasures! love the box with the metal corners!

Margaret said...

Love your treasures, I especially like the girls and the rose hanging on the clipboard, very cool idea! You really do have a good eye for this stuff M

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo what a lot of wonderful treasures Nathalie! You are right ... we DO like a lot of the same kinds of things :)
Your clipboard display idea is brilliant btw
great post and treasure tour!

perilloparodies said...

Such GORGEOUS finds!! Well done. I don't know how you can part with the glove box with the "To Pa, Love Clara" on it. beautiful... and in the hole I think something like a handle in offwhite with brownish lines swirled in, but... I see that, does not mean I could find just that. :-)

bad penny said...

Arrived home from a few days away to find the little prompt book lace & buttons.....thank you so much !

I shall start my little book soon x

Check out the linen shelf tomorrow to see what treasures I came home with !

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What treasures you have Natalie! And what a treasure I have in you as my friend. I love my prompt notebook! Such a lovely surprise! Thank you my sweet generous creative friend! Blessings!

Linda said...

You get the best stuff! I need to come to Missouri! Love the cardboard box and it's cool corners!

Jeanie said...

Little boxes. Big boxes. Any size -- I love 'em. And that first photo is great, too!