Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heavy Metal ATC

Of the three "reduced paper" ACTs I've made, this one weighs the most. You see, the Key to the City is quite a large award to be given.
Yet, somehow she manages to hold it with just one hand!

If you look closely, you can see which city she got the key to! hee hee

I have to show you how lumpy this piece is too. The industrial sized clothing hook up near her head stands a good 3/16" up off the canvas. I sifted through a lot of metal sewing bits and that hook is the only thing that would "do"! At this angle, the honoree is dwarfed by the size of her award. That giant paper clip is nothing to be messed with either!

At this angle, you can also see that I've wired the key on. The paper bits are hotglued on, but the wire and metal bits are all wired (with "thread" from the screening- so it's got perfect patina) so I don't have unsightly adhesives gooping into view. The paper clip is merely clipped, but it's not going anywhere.

I've temporarily come to a halt after this one, but know I will do more (need more inspiring photos). Maybe I should also update my tetnus shot...


Lorrie said...

These are great, Nathalie. I love the concept of a non-paper ATC. Art is all about getting out of the box.


ooglebloops said...

At first glance, I thought the little hook was a pair of tiny scissors!!! GReat job!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I just Love these N!!! I came by on the laptop the other day and could not for the life of me leave a message on this one...sometimes I am password impaired!
These really are inspiring!!

Margaret said...

See, now you know why you have a house full of stuff! these non fabric ATC's are turning out so fab, love this gal and her key, I reckon she's got permission to party with that one!

Patti said...

I've never heard of 'reduced paper' ATC's... is that an original? These certainly are incredibly brilliant, to say the least!
love, love, love the detail, complexity and most of all, the bumpiness!!
I hope I get involved in an ATC swap with you one of these days!

Val Foster said...

These "reduced paper ATCs" are terrific. What a great idea....totally cool!!! And yes, you should definitely submit them for publishing.

I'm nuts about found objects, and using them in art. Love them even more if they are metal, and the most if they are rusted.

Is this regular metal window screening? If so, it would be cool to rust it. I wonder, do they still sell metal window screening? I bought some hardware cloth a few weeks ago, hope to use it on a fabric page or in other creative ways. Unfortunately it won't rust, but it's still cool stuff.

Kudos to you for these unique, creative art pieces. I love how your brain works.

La Dolce Vita said...

fabulous heavy metal Atc's, really great idea!

Jill said...

Nathalie, all three of these are just terrific! I love the screen! How could you not? Have you done anymore since these? And, did you ever make up kits? Very cool.