Monday, November 2, 2009

More Prompt Journal ART

My first installment was unintentionally heavy in subject matter (Oct. 27 post). It was very theraputic though and I could then get on with my daily domestic drudgery with a lighter heart. Laundry waits for no one! It just keeps piling up!

This next prompt, "A Pear by Itself" I took literally and obviously. Why not? This pear stamp by Stampington is one of my favorites and I have a current fixation with harlequin patterns. Voila! I have stamped this combination on many envelopes to friends and now I have my own version to keep long after I may sell the rubber stamps to make room for more (not real soon, but it could happen!)

I love letting original lettering show through.

The pear was stamped on an alphabet patterned scrapbook paper
I had tinted with watercolors.
I just love the date stamps on these library cards.
I try not to cover them up if I don't have to.

If you have purchased one of my prompt journals or
packs of pocket cards (or even gotten one in a swap),
I would love to see what you've done with them.
Send me a link to your blog or
email me a picture and I will post your creation on mine
(with a credit line).

If you haven't gotten around to trying anything...
consider this your prompting to do so!


Candace said...

Lovely post and I appreciate your own sweet words on my own little blog.
I have indeed decided to take up the gauntlet of trying something (only not with a pear).

Take care!

Jeanie said...

Love that use of color -- I would keep the date stamps too -- they look great!

Margaret said...

Love this page Nathalie, my precious cards are still in their box, maybe now is the moment to get them out! until now I haven't the heart to use them but I'm feeling rather inspired! Mx

bad penny said...

Do you send to the UK ? I'd love to buy one for me & one for a writer friend.

I'm wanting to order some vintage style stamps but the best companies are in the US !

Any ideas for the UK ?

Marlynn said...

I love what you did with this page. Like Margaret - I have not done anything yet with my prompt journal but soon - after my weekend getaway. You are really inspiring me! You are so good.....

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Love your journal prompt creations Nathalie, pears and harlequin speak to me as well and then there's text ... oh yes ... never enough text!
I promise not to tell you EVERY word verification....the last two tickled my funny bone