Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Birthday cont'd

See my previous post for more gifties and greetings that came in the mail already!

Since I work at the post office Saturday mornings, I was able to intercept Linda's package immediately as I sorted mail on this particular morning. The postage hadn't been cancelled so I was able to date stamp it myself. Now it's suitable for sticking into an altered book or something! It's good to be a PMR! (post master replacement)

Linda's greeting included photos of all the Queen Bee 5- the four corners
('cept me- but you'll see me later...).
Linda, is that you again in the center as a cowgirl tot?
A great use of inchies!
Another "keeper" to stick into a book somewhere.
I seriously think I need to start a birthday book now!

A piece of precious stitchery I admired on Linda's blog.
Linda took me seriously when I said, "send it to me!" It never hurts to speak up! :)
The red bird perched on the tall cup makes me think of her.
No, not because she is bird brained.
She just has birds on the brain!
The stitchery came unfinished, so it is up to me whether it will be a book cover, a framed piece to hang or something else altogether.
I have ideas.

From her Silver Bella trip, a precious felted heart, in signature Silver Bella blue!
The baggie next to it is just filled with mica flake sized glitter with a sequin tree inside.
So simple. So clever!

A felted acorn.
Linda didn't make it, but was sharing from her own nutty stash.
(Us squirrel-y types need to stick together!)

Thank you, SO much Linda for indulging me when I say,
"send me one of those!"
and for the personal touches you always add.
The birthday card is priceless!!!

Just delivered this afternoon in person...
home made vanilla bath salts and a vanilla candle (not home made)
from Ashlyn!
She knows we have a large Jacuzzi-type tub,
and in fact, covets it.
I can't wait to use the bath salts!
Thank yOu Ashlyn!!!

And from my darling husband.

Taking a huge risk here, posting my own photo.
The bathroom skylight is not kind to wrinkles.
(the ONE time the focus works perfectly on my camera!)
But here I am,
the Birthday Girl!
Is anyone sending me Botox for my birthday?


Linda said...

LOL You don't need botox, girlfriend! Happy Day indeed! And ...just so you won't be too disappointed, that is a tree sticker on that bag of mica! And by sending you the piece of embroidery I have given you a new project! haha

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

so many wonderful treasures and thoughtful gifts, lovely necklace!!!

you look marvelous darlink!

the felted acorn makes me want to get busy and try felting, it's fantastic!!!

you deserve every special treat!

ooglebloops said...

Wow!! The endless birthday!!!! How lucky to be in the PO and see your goodies arrive!!!
I recognize one of the Queen Bees :>) - and I agree with her - love that acorn - I have a bag full of acorn caps waiting to be filled -I may have to try that!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Wishing you Birthday Blessings my dear friend! I wish I lived closer so that I could visit and serenade you with Happy Birthday! As it is I will just wish you many more happy delightful birthdays!

Margaret said...

Dearheart you look fab!! great birthday celebraions! dare I ask, what did you eat??

Marlynn said...

Oh, sweetie, wait till you hit 62 then you can be me. Nix to botox.. you look great. Happy Birthday, again.... hugs

Jeanie said...

Miss a blog for a few days and you miss a birthday! Belated wishes -- and I love the photo and I'm glad you posted it! I like "seeing" who I love reading!

Beautiful fun things -- I see an acorn in my future, I fear. And that card with all the faces -- what a great idea! So clever!

Anna said...

You are GORGEOUS!!! thanks for sharing your birthday with us! I'm a poop of a friend.... I forgot it :( Linda is sooo awesome - I love her card and gifts they are brilliant as you are! You two are the wittiest and prettiest ladies I know!! XOXOXOXOXOX anna

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You're too young for botox!! So you'll just have to settle for some good old fashioned birthday wishes. Sorry I missed it (and I even knew it was coming!).

perilloparodies said...

It is nice to see you... you look happy. that is a pleasure. what beautiful gifts from thoughtful and loving people around you... hope you are having a great day...