Saturday, November 28, 2009


To ME!!!

Yep, on this day, approximately 40 years ago (I won't lie, I'm over 30!), I was born, in Belgium, in a Catholic hospital. I owe the unusual spelling of my name (the silent "h" in "Nathalie") to the Belgian nuns.

But I am already digressing from the intent of my post.... to share the lovely things that have been arriving in the mail for the past week!

In no particular order, here is Carole's envelope. First, a beautiful assortment of rubber doilies that were her grandmother's. I hate to use these for stenciling! They are so fine and delicate!

Paper "cards" and markers from a keeno game or something unique to New Zealand. I immediately thought, "advent calendar" since the numbers go high enough and I have them in 3 shades of newsprint paper. Love them!

Also from Carole, a Chinese newspaper (because I can't get enough of Chinese print) and some wonderful, colorful clothespins with native NZ birds on them.
Aren't the clothespins FuN?

A Cadbury treat native to NZ. Better than the package implies even... the long, flat, fish shaped, chocolate glazed, marshmellow treats are pink inside and taste like cherry cordials. OMG! I have them put up in a kitchen cupboard so I won't eat them all at once. SO yummy!

And finally, some of Carole's beautiful photography in the form of note cards. Scenes of NZ in the changing seasons.
I will enjoy using these.
I've already written one to my mom.

From Margaret, one of her teeny, tiny canvases. This one is about 2" square and frosted with that sandy gesso stuff she loves to use.

A larger than life close up so you can appreciate the details like I can.

I just love the larger than life hardware on such a small piece!

And an eye screw holds a flourish of ribbons.
Thank you, again, Margaret!
I am in awe to have something your hands worked on.

Just arrived yesterday... a decorated envelope of birthday wishes from Patty. A chic photo postcard of a vintage Parisian super model, some French pages, some Shakespeare ("As You Like It"), a scrap of pretty printed tissue and a gorgeous ATC.
I haven't even thanked Patty yet.
Merci beaucoup, Patrizia!

Patty can never send me anything I don't like, because we have pretty nearly identical tastes in "stuff". It's scary, really.

There may be more goodies in today's mail, but I will leave you
with what I bought for myself.

This typewriter key bracelet, from Joy's Jewels.
Because you can't sell on etsy, without buying a little too!
Happy Birthday... to me!
And thank you, dear friends, for remembering my day!


Linda said...

Happy, happy Birthday! You have gotten great stuff, girl! I do hope something arrives in your P.O.Box from Texas today!

Marlynn said...

Happy Birthday - you young young girl! Enjoy the day and all of your blessings! You are quite a gal. Hugs,

bad penny said...

happy birthday !

What lovely gifts - the bracelet you treated yourself to is fab !

I like Nathalie with a H - very pretty I think

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Happy Happy Birthday to youwhooooo Dear Nathalie (I pronounced it WITH the H = oh my)
It is actually a challenge to send you things because I have the feeling you already have what I would send... how do I know this LOL ;)
Hope the celebration goes on for days and days!
You deserve the very best!
Lovely post too BTW!

ooglebloops said...

Happy, happy, b'day!! How did I miss knowing this?? Hope the day plays out exactly as you wish!!!!!

kiwicarole said...

Happy birthday from me! Wow, lucky you with such goodies! I love Margaret's canvas, and your bracelet!! Totally charming! Have a fab day doll! :)

Margaret said...

Hip happy day, hoorah for you! what a fab old stash of goodies you've got there!! enjoy enjoy!Mx

Jeanie said...

What grand, talented friends you have! You can tell they love you!

Again, belated birthday wishes. (And interesting about the "h" which I've always liked. Do you pronounce it, or is it silent? I've always thought you might say Nath vs. Nat, but I really don't know?!)

Gunnels blog said...

Happy birhtday !!!! and so much lovely things you´ve got !!!

perilloparodies said...

That is seriously the neatest typewriter key bracelet!! so wonderfully unique. great gift for yourself. and all of those things form Carole in NZ... wow!! You are loved. :-) great treasures.