Friday, November 6, 2009

My Own Anthropologie

I was enjoying a pot of tea while flipping through the Nov. 2009
Anthropologie catalog, when suddenly I looked to my right and saw that one of models had jumped from the pages and brought a snowball with her.
I asked her if she would mind posing for a few pictures since I liked how she planted the snowball on her teacup. So well photo styled! She must be a designer as well as a model.
She immediately obliged with a series of cheesecake poses that needed no encouragement from me.

I kid you not, this girl knows how to schmooze to the camera!

A master of the runway model "pout".

A candid moment.
By this time, I was just snapping pictures, not watching for a pose to happen.

Like all good models, this bite was staged. She wasn't about to eat a carb-laden prop! She has her figure to watch!
Besides, it was "too sticky", so she removed the offensive prop, drank up her tea (still in the cup) and the photo session was over.


Linda said...

What a NATURAL! She has a future!

Margaret said...

very cute! she's goning to be a star! BTW how did you get the popcorn into a ball?? I just know your going to say you bought it like that at the candy corn shop but thought I'd ask anyway, sigh...

bad penny said...

so sweet !

my son, looking over my shoulder said... who is that ? she needs a knife & fork ! and... you haven't put any photos of me on your Blog have you ?

He's 13

Candace said...

Great post and besides the star upstaging everything and everyone around, that first photo is just fantastic. Well done!

kiwicarole said...

I was wondering what on earth that was, oh, pop corn? I say eat it!! :)

bad penny said...

PS ..will you let me know when you sell some of your stamps please ?


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

precious little shutterbug you have there ... I can think of no sweeter tea either!
my word verification is "pouta" LOL

Marlynn said...

Love your post and as a matter of fact was over at the Anthro shop in my area a few days ago. What a beautiful place where I could spend money.... OH YES, I did. Your sweetie pie is the perfect model!

Jeanie said...

What a gorgeous model you have! Great photos -- good poser! She's lovely!