Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Pack a GIANT Envelope...

...With a teeny matchbox crammed with treasure.
Well, first you cheat and pack extraneous items that won't fit in the matchbox. hee hee hee.
This is supposed to be a matchbox swap!!! Hosted by Ooglebloops.

I joined, on a whim, thinking it would be nice to meet some new people
and swap with a different group of artist types.
Seems I move in very small circles, because who was I assigned as a swap partner,
but one of my dear blogland buddies, Patty,
with whom I have been swapping art for almost a year!

I'm not complaining though, because Patty and I have amazingly

similiar tastes. We would not shop well together since we

would most likely be going for the same "junk" and trinkets!

Can you believe all that she managed to fit into the matchbox?
I have a hard time repacking it each time I show off the contents!

An inchie Patty created along with one of my favorite items.

The matchbox came wrapped in this beautiful hanky. Patty said the couple made her think of me.
So sweet.
Maybe because my waist is wasp-thin and I wear long, flowing dresses for every day? ;)
How did she know?

My other favorite item. A gorgeous paper napkin.
One of the extraneous items!

I have yet to pack Patty's matchbox.
How can I compete with such a lovely array of stuff?

I know, I will send it in a
LARGE cardboard BOX!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

such a fun post Nathalie, I came upon it as I was here to copy your bbb address for a post I just did on my blog about my recent lovely RubyFloy order ;)
Love the way you photographed everything and I know your stuffed matchbox is worth waiting for ... no rush!
my word verification IS: jokerr :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was also a matchbox swap partner of Patty's. Your photos are beautiful and they were so clear of everything you received. I like the way you lead the reader through the story. Very nice post.

ooglebloops said...

Patty was kind enough to be the swap partner for two lucky ladies!!!! We had an odd number of participants- she volunteered!! Glad you both love your stuff - who WOULDN'T love having Patty in a swap!!!!!:>)

kiwicarole said...

how the heck did Patty get all that stuff in that tiny matchbox??!!

femminismo said...

The couple on the handkerchief are wonderfully sentimental. Wasp thin waist? Why ... that makes two of us! haha!

bad penny said...

how wonderful ..could someone let me know when the next swap is as I'd love to join in.

La Dolce Vita said...

what a fun haul! isnt she the best??! that nappie is killer, gonna go beg her for one for xmas!!!

Jeanie said...

All I can say on this is total WOW! Everything is cool, perfect, wonderful!

It's so nice to be back at your spot!

Margaret said...

Yep, how did she do it??? so much stuff in that teeny tiny box! I've so loved these show and tell posts, some very cool bits 'n' bobs being swapped, not to mention all the other goodies, Fab! M

Candace said...

Oh so so gorgeous! Tee tiny is so funtastic. Aren't swaps also?
Love how she packed and how you shared opening the nautilus of goods, section by miniscule section...


Linda said...

Love the matchbox swap.... I didn't join cause I was swapping out 24 x 24 matchboxes already! Of that's over...maybe next time. Patty is a great swap partner! do need to broaden your circle. rofl

Char said...

The Matchbox you received from Patty is gorgeous.