Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Creative Space

Art by Celita Perillo (don't you love her name?!). I won this paper cut, entitled, "Wilderness Beauty", in her latest blog giveaway and today I found out that she is published! I am SO excited for her!
And now for photos of my summer palace (aka, "the back porch"). It is only truly functional when the outdoor temps are about 65* F. and the sun is shining. This is the southern side of the porch so we get this lovely greenhouse effect and there is no place better for lunch and afternoon tea.
And a little reading and art-ing.
I have a studio space elsewhere in the house, but this space on the porch is my new getaway.
You can't have too many retreat areas in your own home!

It is furnished with flotsam and jetsam, literally; the weathered shelf coming from the last auction I attended. (I will share more of my acquisitions in future posts). The clip boards are from thrift stores and will display art. They look pretty good empty too!
I probably shouldn't tell you that the pile of suitcases are TRASH PICKED. Really! I wouldn't lie about something like that! There was an estate auction in town and no one bid on these beauties (can you imagine?!) so the auctioneer left them. He didn't want to haul something back to his shop that no one wanted. Later in the day, the cases sat neatly in a row, on the curb by the house and I nabbed them before the rain got to them. I thought about resale, but each case needs refurbishing on the inside. In the mean time, they look fabulous piled in the corner of the porch.

I've added a few more items to the wall since I took these photos, but the atmosphere remains the same.

Warm, inviting and unhurried.

Time stands still on my back porch.

Even doing nothing here is time well spent!

Where is your sanctuary?


kiwicarole said...

This looks like the perfect spot for a bit of quiet creative goodness!!

My fav place is my sewing room, but that's where the MESS starts and almost flows out the door! lol

Margaret said...

oh I love the look of this space Nathalie! you are one lucky gal, even the walls are fab and I totally understand the suitcase stack, would have done the very same myself! My work space is an overflowing IKEA writing desk and the kitchen table M

bad penny said...

I love the shadows... beautiful. I have old suitcases stuffed with photographs under my bed !

A walk on the beach has to be my favourite thinking space... we are lucky enough to live right by the sea

La Dolce Vita said...

flotsam and jetsam is always good!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I'm coming over I wanna play on your back porch and soak up some sunshine :)

Wonderful pictures of one of your special spots N!!!

A a local shop recently I was sorely tempted by suitcases that resembled your treasure trove ... prices started at 30 and went up to 80 and some of them didn't even close properly ... I always have to give items like that the 'sniff test' teehee!

You are a fabulous treasure rescuer Lady!!!

bad penny said...

thank you for your comment... I can't seem to make a piece of work without telling it's story !

femminismo said...

What a wonderful sanctuary. Yes, where is mine, indeed? I had better make one. (Our sunroom gets too drippy in the winter since it has a recycled glass roof. - Jeanne

Patti said...

I want those suitcases! My sanctuary is the window seat in the attic we renovated for use as an art studio (where I got the name Altered Attic:) Unfortunately it's in a bit of a mess and it stresses me to see all that needs to be done. Ahhh, big sigh, ignore it and go right to the table:) Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

Candace said...

Those suitcases are so so memory laden, can't you tell? Lovely shot!

My sanctuary? Kind of like that old song, "Papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home."
I am working on one, to be honest. But for now, it's the front porch, the back porch, the upper deck... just stepping out into nature is its own reward.
Take care!

Linda said...

Love the clipboards hanging! And the suitcases!!! You know my favorite spot is my artroom...which is a constant mess! But I love to just sit at my desk.

Marlynn said...

Oh my, what a charming place to hide away from the world... I betcha have fairies hiding all over in your special place. Love to visit your backporch! hugs

La Dolce Vita said...

just had to return and tell you that my sanctuary is in my head!
and you are the only one to answer my question and so I will keep that wish you have in my heart for you as well! ciao bella!

perilloparodies said...

So glad you liked the papercut. It was a pleasure to be able to send it to you. Thanks for the plug. soon... and hugs...

Jeanie said...

Sanctuary. This is so very peaceful and lovely! I'd like to crawl in there and just chill! Happy Thanksgiving!