Sunday, March 7, 2010

Date Night in NASCAR Land

Date night is a very rare event at our house because of busy schedules, lack of funds, expensive baby sitting and we have a hard time deciding what to do. I like live theatre, art shows, antiques malls, wine tasting and any kind of live music. He likes, well, you will see here in a minute.

So while everyone and their sister went to see Alice in Wonderland, including our kids who were treated to a night out by their hip Aunt Debbie, I was swept away by my Prince in a long nosed, Peter Built semi tractor with the promise of exhaust choked air, and dirt in my eyes. Oooo, be still my heart! As Linda commended me already in an email, I am a "good wife".

I have to admit, it was a good time, only because I like new experinces and who doesn't dream of being swept away by a total he-man?

See the cars being smashed by the monster trucks? My honey helped strip them down and haul them one hour to the State Fair Ground arena in Sedalia, MO.
Notice the haze rising around the lights at the ceiling?
That is called carbon dioxide (CO2).
We were breathing it voluntarily.
We got in free, as part of the road crew, while others paid $20 each for the privelage.
I prefer free, but an open air arena would have been even better.
Note: in a conversation with my mother (a science major), she corrected me and said it was actually monoxide we were breathing. Okay, well, it still wasn't a healthy gas!

The blurs above are Big Dawg, in yellow and Grim Reaper in black,
drag racing monster truck style.
Appearances were also made by Tail Gator, Ultimate Over Kill
and Monster Patrol who obvioulsy had bar lights like a police car.
All of the 12 year old boys in the audience were THRILLED by the show.
Likewise all of the men.
I can't speak for all the women, but I did meet a driver's girlfriend
who was turned on by the smell of gasoline.
Hmmm, can't really relate to that.
I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have my picture taken next to a monster tire after the show. These last two photos were taken while my honey helped load crushed cars into our "date" vehicle to haul back to the scrap yard in Higginsville.

Here is Tail Gator ready to be put to bed into his trailer. Aren't his bed time tires ADORABLE? I thought it was too darned cute. Little tires. I chuckle whenever I think about it.

If this post whet your appetite for seeing more big tires, perhaps you would like The Monster Blog.
This afternoon, I will be watching NASCAR on TV.
My life is full and my beer glass runneth over.
Someone help me.


bad penny said...

Blimey !

Lorrie said...

I think something like this would be kind of fun - once - and not for too long. But riding in a big truck? Queen of the road!

kiwicarole said...

rofl! what can I say? Ah, True love, isn't it beautiful!

Sarah said...

At least the price of admission was reasonable! You can't get much better than free especially if you had a good time.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

the gator truck IS fun as are all of the other pics!
smooshed cars = oh my!

You're so right about experiencing new things ... there is so much to try out there ... you'll have to get your dh to the theatre too ;)

Linda said...

I think Penny spoke for all of us!

Margaret said...

Superb post!! I'm still laughing lol.. you go girl

La Dolce Vita said...

oh my... oh my...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

curious me back for another lookie look!

the squished cars fascinate me, did I already say that! and anything about gators....not sure what that's about ;)

wondering how tricky it is getting yourself up into a big truck like that!

Jeanie said...

You ARE a good wife (and a cute one! That's one huge tire!). And you are also a wonderful artist and terrific blogger whose postcard simply made my downer day when it arrived Saturday! Thank you!

Anna said...

great story!! you are a fantastic writer!! thanks for the adventure - I have never been to one of those shows but I know my boys would absolutely love it!! I wish you would have worn your fur next to the great big truck that would have been a sight to see :)

Christine said...

Nathalie, you ARE a good wife.
And when you mentioned all of the 12 year old boys in the audience, I presumed you meant every male, 12 years old and OLDER. LOL

I went to the dirt track. Once. :)

You are a blessed, blessed woman. Just tell me it isn't Old Milwaukee in your beer glass and it is at least PBR or Schlitz.

In my faith your sacrificial act would merit the special indulgence of receiving a "Get out of Purgatory free" card.


Julie said...

Wow! You ARE the good wife! I think he owes you a weekend of antique shopping! Enjoyed your post!

Marlynn said...

Ahhhhh, girlfriend, there is an Oklahoma Girlie Girl heart beating in your breast... I knew I saw it when I found your blog. You go girl. What is the world coming to - you at the races, Patty at the Roller Derby, me.... just hanging out watching TV. OH my.... yes, my darling nephew got me to the Races ONCE in Dover Delaware - never again. You are the good wife and I so love your photo with the big tire! hugs,

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