Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Owls, Antique Linen and Things

I do not understand the comeback of the owl. I collected them in the 1970s, but by the end of the '80s, I was over them and on to unicorns (the next craze as the 1980s make a comeback?). I do know there are collectors out there once again so I am dutifully picking them up at the thrift store and junk shop when I find good examples.

Like the sample here. Cheapy plaster toothpick holder (?) bought for next to nothing (I have great sources!) Today I got the inspiration to make it into a wee pincushion. Fabric seemed too bulky for such a tiny opening so I improvised and tried some yarn salvaged from an old sweater. Wound it into an oblong "ball" and stuffed it into the tree stump. WoW! I impress myself sometimes! Very practical solution, aesthetically pleasing AND recycled! You saw it here first. Nope, this one is NOT being sold in my etsy shop. It is going to an owl crazed friend who has just rediscovered her love of stitching.

What I will be selling in my etsy soon is this vintage/ antique linen.
My mother brought it back from a trip to Byelorus
many years ago.
She was visiting family and a generous cousin gave her this handloomed linen,
made by a family member, as a parting gift.
It is just 17" wide and was used for dish and hand towels.
A two yard length would have been embroidered on the ends
(with traditional Byelorusian motifs)
and hung over a hook on the kitchen wall for everyday use.
Simple, common, necessity.
We would consider a luxury.
This linen was old when my mother brought it home.
It is even older now.

I plan to sell it in 17" square pieces bundled with buttons,
lace scraps and miscellaneous bits for sampler stitching.
It's all the rage now.
Watch this space.


Linda said...

You know I love it and want some! This is such great linen! Linen with a story!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Your blog is lovely! I will have to watch your etsy shop for your linen bundles! Thank you for visiting my blog... I have 4 kids at home and also have a hard time finding the time to be creative! ;)

druga szesnaƛcie said...

just wanted to say that my Hope necklace arrived safely.
I love it so very much...
thank you for the word I needed so badly - in such a beautiful form.
I carry it everywhere with me. :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oh how sweet and special to comment after Eliza and her HOPE necklace....I Love blogland!
Gorgeous linen and YES with a story to tell!
I must confess, I am hooked on watching Molly & McGee the owls from Washington state...what a wonder of nature they and their little owlets are!
I am watching this space for QB5's at play!

Margaret said...

Inspired use of your owls, (I was just polishing my shoe yesterday, I use my pincushion ALL the time) Lovely piece of linen waiting for a new home.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am wondering if you are watching the ustream owlbox of Molly and McGee in San Marcos California and their four chicks. It has been a wonderful journey watching them hatch, feed, open their eyes and learn to walk. If you aren't email me and I will send you the feed. it is additive.