Friday, March 12, 2010

Prompt Journal Page

The title on the library pocket card was "He's My Brother". I've had the image in mind for months, but last night got the inspiration for a background and technique. I stole Patty's doodles. And I used nothing fancier than a ball point pen (from our local bank!)
The card had signatures on it so I used them in my doodle.

This is Me and My Brother (really!) dressed to go to a Byelorusian ethnic festival (we lived in New Jersey with my grandparents when this photo was taken in the 1960s). English was not my first language.

I had printed out this image for a QB5 childhood swap and through a printer glitch printed something like 24 copies (I only needed 5!) I am not about to throw anything out so my face has appeared on a Russian ATC swap for Christian Paper Artists, in at least one junk journal I own and now here in my prompt journal.
By the way, you can find these prompt journals for sale in my etsy shop. But you probably knew that already. :)


femminismo said...

I love this precious illustration. Reminds me of my little brother. I like very much the way you've done this. I was thinking of you yesterday and the handy bag you sent me that I was going to decorate. I'm halfway there.

bad penny said...

this is great - I started to doodle too after I saw Patie's !

I gave the prompt journal I bought from you to a writer friend who has not used it so I asked for it back & he said I have to write a sonnet ...I asked if a limerick would do as I'm good at those but he said, no it has to be a sonnet !

Elizabeth Golden said...

You both look so proud and determined. I too have a younger brother and I was the one my grandmother dressed up all the time, in outfits from Oklahoma and Indian girl, etc. I love the background and how you used the prompt!

Christine said...

Nathalie, this is so precious. Definitely something to save for your children.

Look how neatly pressed your clothes are! Did our mothers really iron like that back then?

Linda said...

Your brother looks very serious about something. I love it! These would make good cards to send your relatives!!!

iHanna said...

I think using photos of yourself is so much fun, in journals and in art. This photo of you two is very sweet, and so are the doodle pattern. Nice!

Margaret said...

I love it when you do things like this, those cards are just the best for inspiration. I'm still clutching mine, wrapped in my
1930's newspaper of course!
Great photos too, your bro looks very determined, whatever it is he's got on his mind!

Marlynn said...

These are wonderful and you have me LOL. I printed off a digital sheet for ONE image and 20 pages later - I only need 10.... I was giving the paper away at a crop weekend and the girls were lapping those pages up! : ]