Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favorite Color is...

The color of cardboard, sepia photos, antique oak,
coffee, tea and a mink coat;
my hair, my eyes,
Rebecca and Seth's eyes
(my two youngest kids),
our two dogs,
my cowboy boots,
most of my sweaters.
Above is a postcard I whipped up from more flotsum around my studio.
I plan to scribble a note to a friend today.
Just because I made some art.
What's your favorite color?


Sarah said...

I am right with you on the color brown....every shade and tint!
Love your postcards. I am so happy to own one.

La Dolce Vita said...

well you know how I adore brown!! though I am quick to say it isn't my FAVORITE color... I tend to always come back to sephia, taupe, burnt sienna, titan buff, all shades of ochre!! rich and yummy!! ps that lace you sent off was AWESOME I will have to buy some from you!!!

kiwicarole said...

lovely post :)
There's something to be said for a good collection of flotsum!!

Jeanie said...

The better question is "what is my favorite color TODAY" because it changes pretty regularly! (And today it is the background color of your blog!)

My verification word is "midst." I am in the midst of blog hopping!

bad penny said...

very sweet pictures from the dress patterns.

I'm a brown girl too but my favourite shade is brown /red - I use it in my work a lot & all over the house !

druga szesnascie said...

"Brown is a word that is richly caramel. But it's also the most lonely of all colors - banished from the color spectrum, the color of word, of wood, of earth, of bread, of hair."
/Iris Murdoch/