Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pink Shoe Day

PLEASE tell me you have shoes colored other than brown, black or navy!
If you don't have something red, purple or orange, get thee to a thrift store!
That's where I got mine.
I had to have them!
Three inch heels with a half inch platform made them outrageous and impractical.
Did I care?
Today Rebecca and I had a Pink Shoe Day.
Just because, as it happens, we both have pink patent leather shoes.
I knew I got mine for a reason!
Rebecca is already staking her claim.
"Mom, can I have your shoes when I grow bigger?
Please don't give them away."
"Yes, you may have them. I won't give them away."
I would gladly give them to her today.
My feet were KILLING me!
As much as I love high heels, my feet don't. :)
My original plan was to collage the heels with mod '60s patterns, pour plaster of Paris into the shoes and use them as bookends or doorstops.
Guess I can't now.
Rebecca would never forgive me.


La Dolce Vita said...

how fun! i like blue and red shoes myself, but pink looks good!!!

Lorrie said...

I was just noticing the other day that I have tons of BLACK shoes and very little else. I have one pair of red shoes, and that's about it. Time to branch out a little, me thinks.

Your pink shoes are adorable and sure to brighten up any gray day.

Linda said...

I refuse to rain on your parade and lecture you about wearing such high heels.... hee hee! (said she who has scheduled foot surgery for next month)

Marlynn said...

I have pink shoes!!!BUT they are not pink patent leather. Is it not amazing that the cutest shoes are those that kill your feet. But there you are smiling - may be forced - but you are smiling. Nope, you can't do anything with them now accept save for your little one! I'm kind of happy.... love those shoes. Hugs

Jeanie said...

These totally rock! Make me happy just looking at them!`

kiwicarole said...

All you need now is a little black number to wear with them! lol gorgeous! x

bad penny said...

very pink !
for several years I had red suede pumps & loved them.

I bought some FABULOUS burnt orange shoes & handbag for a wedding last year !

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So pretty in pink times two/four ;)

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love the pink, you are right every girl needs some colored shoes - you look so pretty!{I love red and turquoise blue}