Friday, March 5, 2010

Young Talent

You just can't rein in or cage some spirits. The word "no" means nothing to some. Putting up borders or boundaries is useless when you have a "do or die" personality in the house. That would be my 5 year old Rebecca.

"I want to paint. Let's paint, Mom."

"No, I don't have any paint."

"How about this?"

"No, that's permanent. You will mess up your clothes and everything else."

[Silence. Mother exits upstairs to lose herself on the computer. An hour later, mother thinks she should go check on her prodigy.]

"Look, Mom, I'm painting!"

"Aaaaaaaaah!" [discovering half empty bottle of gesso and that Sharpie marker had joined assemblage along with much needed ball point pens-

checks have to be written out with something!]

"Did I do a good job, Mom?"

"Yes, you did. Looks super." [It did look pretty good, but where did all of the gesso go and what else did she paint?!]

[In kitchen.]

Gesso found dripped over edge of stainless steel sink.

Frying pan in sink now soaking in milky white water.

Mangled dish towel discovered on counter saturated with white substance.

Still damp. May be saved yet.

Plastic drinking cup slopped with (now dry) white substance.

[Cup thrown into trash.]
I plan to represent her to galleries some day.
I can only hope that she will be a money making artist.
I don't have much saved for retirement!
Artwork by
Rebecca Floy Thompson
Aged 5+
Future altered artist


Linda said...

LOL You go, Rebecca! I think all reallllllly good artists had to suffer at some time to do their art!

Jeanie said...

Ha! May her future money-making talents pay for kitchen damages! But really, it's colorful and fun and I do like it -- of course, I didn't have to clean up after it!

Sarah said...

What delightful altered art! This makes me think that I need to watch my grand daughter very carefully when I keep her during spring break in a few weeks. She may decide to do the same thing!

Useful Books said...

What would we do without our kids?? Wouldn't life be interminably dull? They are a blessing FOR SURE!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

great story of your budding artiste ... the apple does not fall far from the tree as the saying goes :)

did we learn something today LOL!

bad penny said...

Bless her. Mine used to paint themselves - blue !

ooglebloops said...

Patty took the words right outa my mouth!!! Coloring within the lines is obviously not the rule in this little artist's mind!! I love it!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

The moment ~ priceless! <3 U!

Laura said...

Sounds like my granddaughter Lily who turns 5 tomorrow! She just loves doing projects with me!! My postcard arrived, Nathalie. Thanks, it's great!