Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trash to Treasure

I have to share about what I literally picked up from the side of the road. Someone had put out unwanted items by their drive with the sign, "FREE". Well, I can't pass up that kind of deal, so I screeched my car to a halt and helped myself. This "shelf" was full of dead spiders and the inside was lined with moth eaten gold colored felt (lovely!). I pulled off the back, scraped the felt off, collaged on some old book pages (to lighten the inside and make the cubbies interesting), cleaned out the dust and spiders and now it houses my most often used rubber stamps, some ink pads, and misc. A couple of old boxes slide right in as drawers. LOVE IT! Best trash picking in weeks! My husband joked about how I will probably take a picture of it and email my trophy around to friends. So of course I had to post about it!


red tin heart said...

Wonderful stuff!! It sounds like me, I do that to. I like to go curb looking for good stuff. xoxo nITA

Donna said...

What a neat old cubby box! Like your blog!

Linda said...

What an incredible find! It looks wonderful... Blogging does make you think about the photo opps in our lives more. I have yet to take a picture of my food, but I have one of my feet in shoes just waiting for a day to be posted.