Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Acts in the Mail

I've had GREAT mail arriving in my PO box lately! Above, this fabulous garland from Linda. I will keep it up all year round- it works for all seasons (love the colors!). It's hanging on the faux mantle in my studio.

From Chris, a wonderful collection of 12 tags with a cleverly illustrated scripture for each month. She said she made up 30 of these bunches for RAKing! From Donna K.- a beautiful folio of "change" scriptures, postage stamps from her trip to Bulgaria and a beautiful, lovely charm. The charm needs a special chain all by itself. I am all loved up!


Linda said...

You have such wonderful friends!

susan said...

I was tickled to see my name in print.
Hope to spend more time with you in the future and your noodles were wonderful, I think I could have eaten several bowls!!!!!!!!!