Saturday, September 1, 2007


I was tagged one post ago, but have been sitting on this one. Linda (thank YOU!) tagged me and I am supposed to list 6 interesting or weird things about myself, then I am supposed to tag 6 other people. I'll start with my list and maybe tag later.

1. I was born in Louvaine, Belgium. To an American mother and an Australian father.

2. I was a "boat child". Crossed the Atlantic when I was about 1 year old (I'll have to find the picture of my mom holding me on the deck's rail).

3. I married a Thompson, but my maiden name is Bakunovich. Pronounced like it's spelled! The weird thing is, people ask me how to spell Thompson! With an "h" and a "p"?

4. Weird: I have a dimple in my right hand pinky finger, right under the nail. I've always had it. When I was a kid, I wondered if a doctor had stuck me with a needle when I was born and it healed badly.

5. I have met Martha Stewart, dined with Joan Walsh Anglund, have a picture drawn by Chuck Jones, signatures from Jim Davis, Mr. Rogers, Sam Butcher, Fritz Freleng, lunched with Mary Englebreit, and attended workshops with Marjolein Bastin; just to name a few, all while working at Hallmark Cards, Inc. as an artist.

6. Oh, "interesting": English was not my first language.

Now I will tag LaRinda and maybe muster up the courage to tag more.

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Linda said...

Yeah, Nathalie! I didn't know most of those things about you....WOW! How INTERESTING!!!!!