Friday, September 7, 2007

Toe Rings

I am diligently writing ebay auctions this morning to post tonight when Rebecca comes dancing into my studio sporting her green velvet dress-up dress (once worn by older sister Victoria) and creative footwear, er TOE wear. How cute is THAT? I laugh every time I see this picture! Glad I took the picture quick, because a few minutes later she had shed her toe rings and was frollicking, once again, au naturelle.


Linda said...

Made me laugh! She is soooo cute. Love her style! You have years of fun ahead!

Thankfulheart said...

Natahalie, what a character your little girl is! Artistic like her momma it seems.
Love the new art work!
Theresa from the paper arts group)

eb said...

so love this image - and so happy to anticipate your Ball gown emerging from the shadows - thanks for your visit - and now I'll be visiting you too!

xox - eb.

red tin heart said...

That is so sweet. xo Nita