Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While the farmers around here are harvesting corn, I thought I would do my own gathering in. I collected seeds from my marigolds (I love their smell!), morning glories and zinnias.

Come January or so when I am between major holiday projects (I can dream, can't I?) I will make decorated seed packets to RAK to friends and family in the spring. I don't have Christmas 2007 wrapped up yet, but I have provisions for the Spring of 2008!


PAT said...


I saw you at Curious Sofa Diaries and thought I'd pay a visit.

I love your marigold photos. I used to save the seeds, too.

Love your new glasses. I got new glasses in June. I gave up the "granny" glasses too, even though, I'm a "granny"!

Welcome to the land of blog!

A neighbor from the east side of MO, Pat

Linda said...

Great pictures! And ... you have a new friend. Should I be jealous?