Friday, December 10, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 10

My mother had peacocks, with angel hair tails, on our tree when I was a kid.
I remember that when one peacock lost its plumage and its clip (we kids loved to play with the ornaments!), my mom attached a hanger to its "butt" and hung him on the tree beak downward.
He still shown proudly.
I have 3 (I think-- I buy many ornaments in threes) of these birds and possibly a goose also.
I love that they clip on top of the branch instead of hanging below it.
When a clip fell off once, I made sure to reglue quickly it before the clip got lost.
There will be no "butt hangings" on my tree!


Linda said...

That's why I love you!

~*~Patty S said...

ditto what Lidna said oxo

you get me going with your ornies Nathalie...such a beautiful birdie!

my Mom will get a giggle out of this story...she has substituted real bird feathers in the tails of some of hers...I too LOVE that the birdies sit atop the branches fills in spaces beautifully...I just got a goldfinch last week...should have never stepped into the Christmas Attic (year round Christmas stuff) YIKES!

just looked over my shoulder and tiny snowflakes are falling...don't think it will be much...maybe I should listen to the weather report
OK...just pretended like you and I were having a cup of tea and chatting...I need to refill my cup...tea from New Zealand :)
p.s. can you tell I am Loving your ornament posts :) :) :)

Lorrie said...

Lovely birds - one of my favourite ornaments.

Anna said...

seriously..... can I just come over for a spot of tea and gawk over your tree?? What a TREASURE your tree is hosting. I was explaining to linda's blog that I am a bit of a miss this xmas. :( being as I am in a country that does not celebrate xmas it's hard to get in the mood - ESPECIALLY when it's practically summer outside (hahhahah) The stores are selling christmas items but they are pretty much the US and Euro rejects and they get picked over by expats in about 5 minutes... so I have resorted to PAPER .... bravo me! I made a paper chain for the tree and I am crafting a doily wreath for the front door. ---
I have been enjoying your daily anecdotes - and reading along religiously but have failed to comment (sorry) I am hit and miss these days with time for the computer.... I do hope your family and you are enjoying a wonderful christmas season. I miss decorating, baking and just that plain ole christmas feeling. you are loved! anna

Joanna said...

I'm loving your ornaments, photos and anecdotes too - the butt hanging made me giggle!

We're bringing in our tree this weekend (now the snow is melting). He's a funny little deformed thing, especially after all the snow we've had recently) but he's been coming in for 5 years now and we love him. I'll think of you when we decorate the tree and I shall reminisce about some of our special ornaments.