Friday, December 24, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 24

I saved the tree topper for last. It was hard not to share it sooner, because I had it photographed from the very beginning, but I wanted to do things "right". The best for last. This is my most prized ornament on our tree. My mother used it when I was a kid. I'm sure she brought it from Europe. The topper has a small chip in its base, but no crack (amazingly enough). Each year I am concerned about jamming it on top of the tree-- some of our real trees have had pretty thick branches and I have been afraid to have the piece shatter. This is one ornament that could not be easily replaced with a quick search on ebay. This topper has crowned a tree for almost 50 Christmases. No small accomplishment.
Now don't stay up too late wrapping those last minute gifts!
Tomorrow is the big reveal. The Full Monty, as Patty so aptly put it.
Christmas Day!


~*~Patty S said...

ooo definitely the piece de la resistance...forgive spelling and phrasing...but you get the picture ;)

what a beauty and most definitely a European topper...I must ask my Mutti how long she's had hers

I would put a little gel medium near that chip to help strengthen it abit...that stuff works on everything

the full monty you say!!! ;)
I'm ready

Joanna said...

This is such a beautiful ornament, so precious with its memories.

We're all off to bed now and I've been a very good girl so maybe, just maybe.......!


bad penny said...

night night it's late Christmas eve now.... Merry Christmas xx

Linda said...

I'm behind in blog reading... love the topper. I have the angel my mother used on our tree. I never really thought about how many trees that topper has seen.... very good point and so introspective.