Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Interrupt This Program

"Ornament Anecdotes" has been pre-empted to bring you this important news bulletine.

We take you now to this sleepy little gingerbread hamlet to report on an alarming trend.

Marshmellow people imbibing icing to the point of affixiation.

"Oh NO!" cries an inhabitant, looking on in horror at two "plastered" neighbors.
"They said they were just makin' snow angels, but I guess it went too far!"
Please, please, party responsibly this holiday season!
Don't eat icing and stagger around the village square making a public spectacle of yourself.

Miniature gingerbread house village kit from Wilton.
Gingerbread flavored marshmellow "men" from Jet Puff. (They also have vanilla flavored snowmen.)
Gingerbread hamlet assembled by The Thompson Family. :) Tonight we feast on gingerbread!

Ornament Anecdotes will resume tomorrow with Day 17


ooglebloops said...

So funny!!!! Great gingerbread village - sorry to hear about the imminent demise of it and its villagers!!!!LOL

BTW, teacup swap info is on my blog - drop by!!!Would love to have you play!!!

Linda said...

Well, I can't say I haven't been warned! haha Sooooo funny! Wait til the survivor finds out his destiny!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Pat and Linda's comments are a hoot as is your village people post!

making snow angels really made me giggle!

That is/was one fine village...kudos to you all for not letting it get hard and crusty but enjoying it fresh and yummy!
I can almost smell it from here in snowy Virginia :)

carole brungar said...

OK, so I'd like to know just it is possible to act responsibly when you have one of these in the house????

It looks very tasty, all that gingerbread and marshmellows and icing.... oops, I'm sounding like the wicked witch!

That reminds me, where are Hansel and Gretel?

Margaret said...

Brilliant! I'm with Carole on this one! responsibility ha! you do know who's likely to be reading this post don't you?????

Useful Books said...

So cute! I have to tell you, when I saw the plastered people, I immediate thought of the gingerbread village of Pompeii. Sick?