Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 8

This is THE Grande Dame on our tree. She is about 3 inches long and over 50 years old. There was a woman in my mom's college sorority (late 1950s) that supplied pink and silver ornaments for the house's tree. When she graduated, her ornaments were left behind. My mom found them in a closet and quietly claimed them. No one cared about Christmas ornaments in June! I have a couple pink balls and small silvery pine cones left (and buy more reproduction pinecones, when I find them), but this pinecone was the only one of its size and color. Isn't it fabulous?


La Dolce Vita said...

yes it is!!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh it IS gorgeous Nathalie ... I Love how each piece comes with a sweet story

I am very fond of Mom has some very old silver ones from Germany with the special glittery snow touches


Linda said...

I have no pinecones such as this! Why is that? Well...yours is wonderful. And your mom was wise even back then!

femminismo said...

Yes, it's fabulous! No argument there. Great idea to collect variations on the same thing.

Joanna said...

Very gorgeous!

Well done, Mum.


Linda said...

I like the term "quietly claimed them"........ I've been known to do that. I think the best stuff gets "quietly claimed"!!! hee hee! Still a great post.