Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 11

These are the "expendables".
I don't cry when one of these break.
At least one has already hit the floor this year.
They are not the unique, boutique baubles, but they do still play a role in sparkling up the tree. I snap them up just as readily at the thrift store (by the box or randomly tossed into a "$1.00" bag) as I do an old, rare ball.
I am a magpie attracted to shiny objects when it comes to acquiring Christmas ornaments!
And sometimes I am about as discerning.


Linda said...

I think they provide a common thread on the tree....I like to add in the plain balls for that purpose. This year I didn't get them out.... instead I put my mother's crocheted snowflakes on the tree for the "tie-in". Have about 20 of them. Does that make any sense at all?

femminismo said...

Ornaments you don't care about are good too. I love the "butt hanging" bird story. And I'm a magpie too when it comes to sparkly things. It looks like "pop beads" hanging on the tree! Do you remember them?

Joanna said...

I so know what you mean about the 'expendables"! They are the wind beneath the wings of the more beautiful baubles, adding shine in quiet areas so the 'big guns' can dazzle with their beauty and interest. The foot soldiers of the tree decorations!


~*~Patty S said...

some ornaments hold more 'weight' than others don't they ;)

did I already say I can't wait to see my Alex star again that you the rate we're going we'll be doing the German tradition (from my Mom's childhood at least) of decorating the tree on Christmas Eve, the kids went to midnight mass and came home to a tree twinkling with real candles