Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 17

I made several of these clothespin doll angels many years ago and gave them all away except this one. I made up the simple design-- it requires no sewing and no glue. Well, maybe the halo is glued on. A sparkly chenille stem wrapped around the neck, not only covers how her hanging string is tied on (around the neck- choke!), but also forms her arms. Her robe is a length of wide satiny ribbon, folded in half, with a small cut for her head to poke through. Her chenille stem belt not only cinches her robe, but also attaches her wire-edged ribbon wings (a short length of ribbon pinched in the middle).


Linda Jo said...

She's beautiful! I always love clothespin angels! I should show you the one I made to commemorate our first trip to Hawaii! She has black pom poms for her top! Off to find camera....

~*~Patty S said...

she's sweet
angels and Christmas trees go together so sweetly
fa la la

Sandy Ang said...

Such a clever idea for an angel ornament ! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.