Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ornament Anecdote: Day 22

Goodness, can you believe how this month has flown? Just a few more days and my Show and Tell is done.

Today I am featuring one of my new-this-year ornaments. This gorgeous gem is by Patty and is her contribution to our QB5 "Junk-le Bell" swap. I think the "junk" part is supposed to be the thimble, and the rest is just amazing. Inspired! I just can't believe I own this beauty. Patty really outdid herself. She used my favorite elements-- blown ornament, shiny stuff and the whimsy of using a thimble as a bell. I need to seriously create a tree just for my most treasured hand made ornaments from artist friends. They can't be just thrown in with my general decorations.
Margaret found the "junk-le bell" idea on this blog and got us all excited about repurposing junk as ornaments.

Here are my ornaments.

They are almost done, I promise you!


Marlynn said...

I loved this ornament when I saw it on Patty's blog! You are one lucky girlie girl! My very own BFF. Love whatever you are creating there BFF - really I do! Merry Merry Christmas and hugs

Linda said...

Well, Christmas is about anticipation, too!

~*~Patty S said...

What to my wondering surprise to see your ornament today was my junkle birdie ;)
I enjoyed creating those so much!

Yours looks well worth waiting for...those vintage Christmas bulbs are magical!

fa la la

Joanna said...

Stunning junkle bird. Looking forward to seeing what you make of those materials - the bulbs are gorgeous!